Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 100 - Thursday, January 15

Hello All!!!

Well, I thought I should do something special for my 100th post, so I got the video camera out today and put some new videos up on youtube. Sorry if the lighting is poor and the camera person leaves something to be desired, but hopefully, you all will enjoy what you see (also, sorry the files are large - it took forever to load them on youtube too!!). I broke the video into several pieces, but it is a tour of our apartment over here - sorry for the mess, but somethings don't change even on a different continent!

Brenna and I had a busy day today - I had German class this morning (which I let Brenna sleep through), then we played school bus/school/art class/kitchen... I am amazed that she wants to "read" the books with me and she seems to recognize the letter B when I write it (I've written it enough for her - with B is for Brenna!). All colors are still pink - but what do you expect when that is most of what her wardrobe consists of, lol ;-)
Brenna got a chance to play with and tire Dustin out this evening - he and Justice went to bed before either of us!! I got a pretty good picture of Brenna and Justice today - hope you all enjoy it! I love the look on his face - I would like to think it is a look of contentment and not "is it over yet..."
We go to Rome next week - I'm really looking forward to the "warm" weather. Right now the forecast is calling for 50s :-) It will be like going to Florida in the U.S.!! Maybe I should find a beach to lay on too, lol!!
Well, that is all for now - take care and enjoy the video (if it doesn't bog down your computers!). The last video was from the fall - I thought the 100th post deserved some music from Germany - can you believe this was playing and being video taped outside our windows on our anniversary!!


Tracy S said...

Thanks for the tour of the house... and what a great view!

mikaysmom said...

Love the pics...especially the one with Justice in it! He looks so chilled out! We all enjoyed the videos and it was funny to see Brenna being the tour guide! I love how she showed us all her potty and shower!
It is extremely cold over here these days and to top it off, we lost power last night for a few hours. It was down to about 59 degrees by the time the power actually came back on. We'll have to Skype soon so you can see my new hair do(everyone at work seems to like it, so I don't think it was a hair "don't"). Looks like Brenna is letting you take her pictures again??? It is quite funny to hear how much against the camera she is lately.
Miss you lots!