Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 29

I think this Santa is really cute - thinking about putting him on my stocking (maybe even in pink again, lol) - what do you think??

The pictures are small and hard to see here, but they all were posted before from London - I just wanted to show off the snail from Photoshop here :-)

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there. I believe Brenna is getting over her cold bug here (yeah), but I am just getting started with it (bummer). Let's cross our fingers that Dustin doesn't get it too (at least he didn't get it in London and I didn't get started with it until yesterday). No kindergarten again for Brenna today :-( Hopefully, she will make it tomorrow, although if she doesn't, she should get to see our German teacher (if I am well enough for class) and then play dress up for Halloween over here.

After our paper crafting yesterday, I thought some snail making would be fun today :-) So, I started with a snail embroidery (on a wash cloth for Brenna - she loved her, and she was put in the bathroom right away, lol). I also played with photoshop - didn't realize they had a snail cutout until I was looking at the butterfly one (saying, hmmm- maybe I should have done that yesterday instead of free hand drawing one, lol). Hope you enjoy our projects from today (I also embroidered some Christmas ones - I have some thoughts in my head for stockings to be made this weekend - hope they turn out as cute in real life as they are in my head, lol). (Can you tell that I let Brenna pick the colors for embroidery today - the girl loves pink - definte favorite).
With Dustin away, Brenna and I bought new movies this week - we bought the new Tinkerbell movie and Ice Age (both the 2nd and 3rd one). She loves Ice Age the best of those 3, wonder if it has something to do with the fun movie experience with Papa and Gammy Carpenter - I bet it does :-)
Well, my brain is fried with this cold - I couldn't even help Dustin out with a grocery list today (good thing I don't think we need anything right now). Take Care!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28

Hello All!!!

Well, looks like I will be coming down with Brenna's cold - bummer... I have started losing my voice this afternoon and have a sore throat. Although, on the bright side, I think she is getting somewhat better (no fever today - she had one late in the day yesterday).

Brenna and I did arts and crafts this morning - it was a good suggestion from my sister and I had just seen an idea I wanted to try from my friend Heather's blog (although I will put the link for the original blog that she did here - We spent quite a bit of time doing this stuff this morning (although Brenna got sick of it before I was ready to quit, lol). I think this is a fun idea - only wish I had some paper punches in some of these shapes (this was my free hand drawing of a leaf and then traced onto paper and cut out - ouch - my fingers hurt after all the cutting!). Brenna had alot more paper pieces cut out, but they didn't make it to this afternoon with my clean-up of the table (although I think Brenna threw quiet a few of them out too, lol).
Brenna seems to be feeling better after taking a good nap today - hopefully, we will have a good night sleep tonight and all feel better in the morning. Dustin returns late tonight from England - so glad that he will be home to take Justice out in the morning.
Well, I think that is it for today!
Take Care!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 27

Hello all!!

Brenna and I worked on drawing faces today - this was all her own drawing - she may become quiet the artist, lol!! Anyway, not sure if it expresses how she is feeling, but I would say it is pretty accurate. She is coughing more today, but no fever again. Brenna gets very upset with the coughing and it does wake her up during the night and at nap time - no fun there. She has her moments where she doesn't act like she is feeling bad, but those were less today than the day before. Hopefully, she can get a good night sleep tonight and no more coughing up junk in the bed (I have had to wash the sheets two days in a row - no fun there). We made a new flannel pillow case today before nap time since her's was still drying - she was pretty excited to have a new one finished :-) (she was very attached to the pink pillow case I made her earlier and would throw fits when it wasn't on her bed - maybe now we can have two to switch between). The new pillow case has purses all over it - very cute for a little girl (sorry no pics today (and all they probably would show is the fabric anyway - not much art in a pillow case, lol)).

Well, gotta go!
Take Care!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 26

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone is doing better out there than we are here :-( Brenna seems to be feeling a little better today - just a lot of congestion :-( She had no fever today, but we did take her to the doctor to get checked out (although I was surprised that the nurses didn't even do a temperature on her - just asked the question about fever - then the doctor checked her ears, throat, and lungs). We got some cough medicine though - and that seems to be a good thing for Brenna. She started to take a nap for me today, but with the coughing, she woke herself up and couldn't get back to sleep (poor thing). (She made herself sick with the coughing last night - good thing I was able to get those sheets in the wash this morning - yuck in the middle of the night). My stomach hasn't been great today, but so far neither Dustin or I are sick (please cross your fingers that we don't catch it in the next couple days - Dustin flies to England tonight and I will be doing really poorly if I am sick at home with Brenna tomorrow (and doing all the dog duties too, sigh!) or if he is sick in England - yuck there too!).

Well, that is about it for today!
Take Care!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday, October 25

Justice really wanted to sniff all our new stuff yesterday. The picture of my little blue "smurf" really doesn't need any other caption, does it??

I was the one who picked out the wings and outfit (I really just wanted the wings - aren't they cool!! I want a pair just in case anyone wants to make me a pair, lol!!) . We now have lots of glitter all over the apartment from the whole outfit, lol!
Trying to show off Brenna's new haircut from yesterday. Can you tell she was excited about the yummy no-bake cookies (I decided to decorate a few with M&M's - yum!!)
Brenna being a puppy with her favorite "good boy"
Hello All!!!

Hopefully my post today will be somewhat coherent - we have been up since 4 am today (or is it 3 am - our time changed today - what a way to "gain" an extra hour). Anyway, we kind of knew it may be a difficult night last night - Brenna started getting very congested yesterday afternoon and also started running a fever (bummer - it was the first time we needed to get our thermometer out for her since we have been here and the battery was dead! so we went to the mall in search of medicine for Brenna (which we didn't come home with much - most was older children stuff) and a new thermometer (we got one that reads in 1 second! - guess it is good for a child who is always on the go, lol)). We ended up bringing all kinds of extras home yesterday - a set of wings, a new fairy costume, bath foam and color, and two new winter hats (o.k. - that was just the stuff we bought for Brenna - I also bought some new socks and tights - I have to wonder why I can never just buy one new pair of socks or tights - I always end up buying several more than I really need - poor Dustin (but they look great with my new boots - apparently I am starting a make over with my feet and working my way up, lol)). We had quite the time looking around the mall yesterday - I couldn't believe that the grocery store at the mall actually had Pam cooking spray (I haven't seen that here in the year that we have lived here), microwave popcorn, mini marshmellows, Reese cups (can you believe that Dustin didn't buy these), and Ritz crackers :-) Can you already tell by my wordy intro that I need to go back to bed, lol!??! At least we did have some o.k. sleep between 10 and 4. I kind of wondered with her long naps this week (off and on) if something was coming on - bummer that it seems to be a cold or flu bug :-(
Yesterday morning, Brenna complained about her bangs being in her eyes too much. Little did she realize that once mommy got started cutting, she was going to cut off inches in the back as well. I think it looks good on her - She will probably always look good with any haircut and color on her! Anyway - she doesn't like having her hair pulled back, so I thought something shorter with clips might be really wonderful (for anyone reading - Brenna could really use the Goody Stay Put hair clips for Christmas (for anyone with small kids - these are awesome and don't move from the spot you put them in) (I found some cute ones at Kroger when we were at home around her birthday (but the website does say they are available at Walmart, Meijer, and Kroger - o.k. - enough begging here on Christmas items - I prefer to think of it as giving you guys ideas for Christmas, lol)). I am thinking about letting her bangs grow out (which is why I was putting off cutting them) - she is always so warm, that I think less hair on her face would be better. You know it is funny, but I never, ever thought that I would cut Brenna's hair (at least not anything more than bang trimming - poor child, lol!).
With the new bath "toys", Brenna was begging for a bath since she woke up this morning - can you tell she was having lots of fun with the new colors. (wish you could have seen the water - it was a nice pink shade from the bath foam :-)
We also made no-bake cookies here yesterday - yummy!!!
Well, I think that about covers our day yesterday! Hopefully, Brenna will feel better soon!
Take Care!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, October 23

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there!!! Things have been going well here. Brenna had a long day at Kindergarten yesterday - they had their lunch day (why is it so sad to eat by yourself??? my mornings stay busy when Brenna is gone, but lunch by myself is so sad, lol). Not exactly sure what they had to eat - Brenna said they had pancakes, soup, and potato salad? Sounds like an interesting combination to me, lol!!

The weather here today is foggy - guess our "fans" aren't working to blow the stuff away (in case you are now confused by this statement - watch the cartoon Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, lol). I think I will take Brenna's new umbrella with me to pick her up today - it has been drizzling some. Dustin is back from his trip to Turkey (did I remember to mention that trip, not sure, he is traveling a lot right now - this week was an overnight stay in Turkey, next week is England, the week after that is Cologne (here in Germany), and after that is England again - then I think we are about to Brenna and I flying back to the US, lol)!

One of the blogs I follow posted a great kids singer - Justin Roberts - - here is a link to one of his new songs - Pop Fly. This really reminds me of all the stories I have heard from Traci N. about her kids playing t-ball! Anyway, if you have time, check him out. (some other good ones - Airplane food and Stay at Home Dad He also does some really catchy Christian songs too (although he only sells those as a whole CD - bummer!) Dustin thinks I am nuts for liking him, but Brenna and I really enjoyed the songs!

Well, I better take Justice out real quick before picking up Brenna! Take Care!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20

Justice saw our boots, hats, and scarves and thought "don't leave me behind - I want to go out too (poor guy - we didn't go outside at that point)"

I had to share the above picture of the new ice cream in our house - doesn't it look too pretty to eat (well, not for us - it was given 2 thumbs up by Brenna). Below, my new fabric for Christmas (I did order these from the US) - can't wait to see if the projects come out as pretty as the fabric.
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been cold here - brrrr... With the colder weather, I obviously got out my crochet hooks and also my fleece - what else did the cold weather inspire - new fall/winter boots :-) Hope you enjoy our "photo shoot" today! One of the pairs (the pair Brenna was "modeling") have a super cosy wool lining in them :-) I have tested out there comfort the last two days - so far on school walking - thumbs up (although for running and chasing shadows, I need my running shoes on!). I'm hoping to hold off on buying Brenna snow boots until we are home at Christmas (or maybe a wonderful sister of mine could look for some good (even used) snow boots, winter coat, and winter pants?? (inexpensive too - I don't ask too much, lol)).
Brenna enjoyed the last two days of sunshine here - we have been chasing shadows on the walks home from school :-) (how do we chase our shadows you might ask - well there are several shady spots on the way home, so we have to run between those areas back into the sun to "find" our shadows - Brenna loves it - and I think it is probably good exercise for me too :-)
Brenna took a marathon nap yesterday - she napped in her room for about 2 hours and then came out on the couch and napped for another 1.5 hours - I can't believe she still slept last night! Poor Justice was getting very itchy to go outside by the time we got up and around (and then we needed a flashlight and Dustin had to join our "party" down to the park!). Of course, a long nap day should be followed by a no nap day - so Brenna had an early bedtime today. At least Dustin didn't have to worry about working late as he is in Turkey this evening :-( I am so glad that he comes back tomorrow night (even if it is late).
My muffins went over well with Dustin and me - we finished them all off before Monday morning - guess the recipe is a "keeper".
My new fabric came today for some Christmas projects - I really wish I could think of more projects to use this stuff for - it is too cute!!! (o.k. - I probably can't afford to think of too many projects to use the fabric - I feel like I am all about spending these last few weeks - Dustin is going to cut off my computer shopping here shortly!!!)
Well, I think that is it for today - I am turning in for an early bedtime!
Take Care!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 18

Hello all!

Hope all is going well!!! I've been going project crazy here lately (I think my family is starting to feel somewhat neglected this weekend!). Hope you enjoy the latest pictures. The yellow pair of slippers are Brenna's and the other one is mine (I only got one done and now my hand hurts, lol - (although my head hurts more - I had to think way too much to do this slipper).). As my mom warned me, yarn slippers are slippery - Brenna has already fallen with hers on - bummer! Anyway - I think Brenna's slippers turned out really cute!! (I also made some really "ugly" blueberry muffins today - they looked somewhat green - I tried to put in plenty of blue food coloring to make the color more blue, but they still had a green tinge to them - I will spare you all the pictures (although they must taste pretty good as they are almost gone!)).

Take Care!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 17

Brenna wasn't feeling too cheesy this morning, lol!
Hello All!!!

Hope you are having a great day! During laundry (and the rain) this morning, I decided to make Brenna more of a winter hat (esp. with all the cold weather here this last week - her hat from last year is falling apart :-(
Hope you enjoy my new projects (there are two hats here as I was trying to make the second one for a gift for a German friend) - it fits Brenna perfectly around the head, so looks like I am going to see if I have enough fleece for a 3rd one (can you believe that I have cleaned out my fleece stash here with just these two small hats!! The "bear" one doesn't cover her ears, but should be good for the fall and the other one is plenty big for the winter (too bad the bear was the only one that would model the cat for me!)
Take Care!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 16

Don't you love Brenna's socks and shoes - she had t0 put these on, so I told her I "had to" take her picture (with the sign) - it worked out as I was in the process of putting this post up!

Brenna was singing Happy Birthday for you Gammy, lol!
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there :-) I had an interesting day here - gave Justice a bath by myself this morning while Brenna was at Kindergarten - what a doggy hair mess that was! My apartment is just finally recovering from the smell of wet dog - yuck! We were very lucky that we only had a few sprinkles this morning on our walking for Kindergarten and it cleared up for the dog walk too - yeah - lucky day!! I made Hamburger gravy for the first time (ever) today - it turned out pretty good - thanks again to for a wonderful new recipe :-)

Brenna and I got the paints out today to make a Happy birthday sign for my mom today - Happy birthday mom - hope you have a great day! We love you and are thinking of you often over here!

I made a crochet hat for Brenna yesterday evening - hope you enjoy our pictures from this morning :-)

Take Care!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, October 15

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. It was a really cold day here today - hats and mittens on for our walk for school. Brenna seemed to have a good day. One of her friends came over to take her hand right away into class and they went off and played puzzles (much better than the almost tears yesterday and the attachment to my leg...). Brenna fell asleep after our reading time today and I got busy making a new project - a crocheted hat. It didn't turn out quite like the pattern, I think I need some stiffer type yarn, the one I had was kind of floppy and loose (bummer - I walked about 3 miles round trip today to get that yarn after dropping Brenna off too, lol!!), but Brenna really loved it - can you tell??? It fits me very well, but is way too big for Brenna, lol! It is warm and comfortable, so I guess it achieves its purpose (although the pattern I purchased is much more stylish than this one...).
Brenna was all about doing some cheesy shots today - when I got out the camera to do my self photo in the hat, she wanted in on the action, lol. Hope you enjoy the fun that followed.
Not too much else going on - tomorrow is cleaning day - "fun". It is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow - I'm crossing my fingers that it holds off until after Kindergarten...
Well, I think that is about it for today!
I am not doing very well with birthday wishes since we returned to Germany. Anyway, Happy belated birthday to my Grandma - hope you had a great day! Love ya!
Take Care!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14

Brenna enjoying her yummy Krispy Kreme :-) I took some pictures of our wonderful food (I really tried to get a picture of the sandwich I ate at the airport - I'm pretty sure I ate clover, lol!!). First up is the wonderful Sausage roll. This is in the pastry from Cornwall - yum, yum, yum!!

Sorry for the half-eaten food pictures, lol!!! I didn't think about how fun these cookies were until Brenna had already started on it!
Brenna enjoying her blue ice cream :-)

Not sure what they were looking at, but at least they both had smiles on there faces :-)

Here are our pictures from the zoo. The London Zoo was a great day out for a 3 year old (and the aquarium and bug exhibit were cool for the parents too, lol!!)

The birds above were just as close to us as they look, lol!!! I couldn't tell you what they were called exactly though!
I thought these signs in the kids adventure part of the zoo were too cute - I am sure that I loved them more than the other two adventures in the family, lol!!
The Prairie dogs were all about having there pictures taken - I have about a dozen I think of them, lol!

For the small monkey exhibit, you actually go into their habitat. This monkey was right in front of me on one of the signs (there is nothing that separates you from these monkeys).

The locust exhibit in the Bug building

The main thing that Brenna wanted to see was the penguins, lol!! They were all well lined up for photographers, lol!

Of course, we had to find a carousel for Brenna in London (and it wasn't hard at the zoo - we couldn't really avoid them to get to the penguins, lol)
Hello All!!!
Hope everyone made it through my "book" from yesterday, lol!! So today, I am putting up the last of our London pictures for the blog (although there are a ton more - once again I think we have over a thousand pictures - gotta love the digital age :-)
Brenna loved the London Zoo - it was a great way to spend the day as a family :-) I was surprised by some of the exhibits how close you could get to the animals (or in the case of the birds and monkeys how you went into their "cages" basically). We all really loved the coral at the aquarium - I think it was the prettiest I have seen. Also, the bug exhibit building was really cool and well designed for younger kids. There were several school groups there at the same time, so we kept trying to stay ahead of them (it is amazing how loud they were). Brenna said her favorite animal of the day was the penguins :-) (I was amazed how much she wanted to see the Pelicans, as she associates them with "eating" her cup at the Karlsruhe zoo). We managed to get through about 2/3rds of the zoo in the time we had so that was pretty good for all of us :-)
I am trying to think what else was fun/memorable in London...I think it is amazing that they monitor their subway system so closely for people trying to bypass getting a ticket. At every station, you have to scan your ticket both getting in and leaving and they have people who are stationed there to make sure that you do pay correctly. I found the food the best right close to our hotel - it was inexpensive and very tasty - we ate at two of the same restraunts about 5 times all together. The breakfast at our hotel wasn't the most impressive, but the doughnuts and muffins close by made up for it (wish they had those at the hotel instead of the food they did have!). Brenna did really well on the flights :-) She only had a major temper tantrum at the restraunt with Dustin's friend from Ford (how typical for a 3 year old to act up at a nice restraunt at dinner...) Brenna was very worried about Jutice in the time we were gone - she loves him - it will be great when they both can go run and play in the back yard together.
I had German class today and Brenna went back to Kindergarten. She wasn't too happy about getting back to our schedule, so hopefully, tomorrow will be a little easier. Not too much else happened today, Dustin worked late so it seems like a very short evening here today! The weather has turned much colder - I think fall is here to stay now!
Well, I think that is it! Take Care!