Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, November 6

Hello All!!!!

Hope everyone out there is enjoying a fabulous Friday :-) (I am so happy it is Friday, but a little bummed that Dustin has to go to work tomorrow morning - hope that is short!!). Things are going well here. My cough is still hanging on, but getting better every day - maybe by next week it will be completely gone :-) I planned to get Brenna's stocking done yesterday, but ended up loafing around and not getting that done yet (mom - I need you to help explain making bias strips to me - I only have a 1/2 yard of fabric to do it with and want to conserve as much fabric as possible). I searched online yesterday trying to find a gift idea for Brenna's 3 teachers - still not exactly sure to make them... (if anyone has any ideas - feel free to send them to me! I'm thinking a small bag that could hold a cell phone or camera right now). I ended up finding something else for Brenna while I was searching - a method to make hair clips slip free - I'm going to have to give it a try and see how she likes them :-) (I hope it works - I think that would be a great gift to make for some of the other little girls in my life :-)

On Wednesday, Brenna came home from school and wanted to help me with the cleaning - I love her concentration in these pictures (she was having a great time - she did all my laminate and tile floor and was ready to go to the carpet) - I was surprised she didn't have a great big grin when I looked back at the pictures, lol! Brenna hates wearing socks at home and sleeves - I put her in her cute fall clothes for school and the moment we step back in the apartment she wants it all off - no shoes, no socks, and no long sleeves. Anyone know how to get a 3 year old to change her sense of style for winter wardrobe??? At least the shorter hair is easier with her right now - I don't have the request for the ponytail removal immediately upon arriving home.
Dustin has been having long work days right now - wonder if any of those will slow down before we go back to the US for Christmas? I felt bad yesterday evening as I didn't expect Dustin home for dinner and we didn't really have anything to eat in the house when he came home (to be fair - it was 7:45 by the time he came home - who wants to eat that late??). I think he discovered all my peanut butter hiding spots though as there were 2 empty containers on the counter this morning - bummer, lol!! I had much better hiding spots for that stuff in the US.
We have our walk for St. Martin's Day on Wednesday next week (you can read about St. Martin's day here if you are interested:'s_Day - I need to try to get a picture of Brenna's lantern soon (I think I am going to have to look for a book on how to make some of these - maybe bring it home and make one with Brenna each year in the US). Kindergarten will be closed on Monday and Tuesday - so I need to come up with some ideas to fill our mornings - I'm sure that Brenna would love to do some more crafting or baking here at home :-)
The weather was decent yesterday, but we are back to a rainy, dreary day today :-(
Well, I think that is about it for today. Renee - thanks for sending me the picture of my new fabric - I can't wait to see it all when I am back in the US - only a month to go! (I am such a fabric addict - I love buying fabric and thinking about all the possibilities of what I can make (but I don't love cutting into it) - I think I would love just seeing fabric hanging on my wall, lol! I even decided to have Dustin buy me fabric for Christmas this year!) Poor Dustin will have to send me to fabricaholics soon!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Go, go, cleaning girl! Sounds like a lot of fun making the special lantern with Brenna. Hope Dustin gets to have some more family time before vacation, too. love to all..

mikaysmom said...

Keep that girl cleaning! she is such a super helper! I think Aunt Naynay needs that little helper sometimes! Just put some layers on the girl and let her cool down when she's at home. I think at this age, they like comfort and having as little on as possible. We'll have to ask gammy janice when that changes!!! LOL!
Can't wait to see all of your projects, at least you do make some things with your fabric. I just buy it cause it's cute. I marked some stuff on Etsy that I liked, but have to cut back. I wonder how much more of the fabric I can count towards my birthday money that was long gone way before now! That owl fabric is too darn cute! I even brought my new fabric to work to show everyone, don't want to cut into it, but it needs something cute made out of it! We'll both need fabricholics anonymous very soon!

DA&B said...

hah - sounds like you are a fabric collector like me now - thanks mom for sharing your collection addiction with your girls, lol!!!