Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4

o.k. - so, some trip pictures up finally - these are all from Prague. I decided to break the pictures up into two postings since I have so many, lol! Dustin took the top picture - I love the way he has it all framed up :-) Below a wood carving at the Christmas market in Prague on the old town square. I love how my coat photographs - our tour guide even commented on how much she liked my coat :-)

(the castle guard was in the background - too bad they blocked him out entirely - but isn't Brenna's smile great!)
This monument is designed to be like the Eifel tower - they made it so it is 2 inches taller in elevation though (this was as close to it as we got from the Castle).
I don't remember who this statue was of (I think either Charles or Wenceslas (our tour guide would be so disappointed that I don't know as she did a really good job pointing everything out to us)). I do know that the statue was right by the Charles bridge.

I thought these tree decorations were pretty - there were at the market in Prague that is always there.

They had lots of these souveniors in the more tourist areas of Prague - they are pretty, but we should had to watch Brenna around them.
I thought I was only going to get more of this type of face the whole day, but she had some really good moments playing with Daddy. I think Brenna really enjoyed our walking tour of Prague (or maybe she just enjoyed all the Pez???)
Some views from the clock tower in Old Town in Prague
One of the food stands in the Christmas market - I really wanted to try one of these, but we ran out of time.
Charles Bridge
Prague Castle (I can't believe this, but this was the very first picture I took in Prague and I actually liked it enough to post it, lol. Normally, it takes more shots for me than that!) This was basically the view from the front of our hotel - way to go Dustin!
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Dustin has a horrible head cold here - couldn't believe that he actually stayed home from work and spent most of the day in bed! Poor guy - hope he recovers soon - we plan to celebrate Christmas here tomorrow morning for Brenna. Our table is full of gifts for her (mostly her anyway). The much anticipated dog is "sleeping" on the landing we have - I really hope she is as excited to own that dog as she has been talking about it and visiting it at the store :-)

I have been busy working on crafts here. I finished the last needed recipe card holder for Brenna's teachers yesterday. Brenna was very excited to give it to them (I really debated about putting name tags on - guess I should have went for without because she just wanted to hand them out to them). Hopefully, they will like them - something that seemed a little different than the ordinary anyways. Today, I made a yoga bag cover for Brenna's yoga mat (they were originally both supposed to be for Christmas, but I think everyone knows that I blew that one on the mat, lol). I don't know how surprised she will be on that one, but it turned out really, really nice (I want one!! Renee - the pattern is really easy - you may want to just use muslin as the lining (I can give you some of mine if you want when I get there) - you don't see it at all with the Amy Butler pattern). I used an Amy Butler home dec fabric - oh so nice - I used all of the 1 meter that I had first on the yoga bag and now a small purse pattern. I mentioned to Dustin that I would like more of that fabric - he just rolled his eyes, hmmm - wonder why, lol!! (and he hasn't even seen all the fabric I ordered online that is waiting for me at my parents' house - don't worry fabric - I will be there soon, lol!!!)

Well, I decided to just post my Prague pictures today - so many pictures from our trip again! Hopefully, I will be able to get our Dresden pictures up before Brenna and I leave on Monday. My days are going so fast with all my projects going on! Guess it is good to be busy!
Well, I need to get ready for bed - wonder if Brenna will wake up early tomorrow or not???
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Oh those last 2 pics of your Prague views are very scenic! And Brenna, keep that wonderful smile every day, looks like she is so happy with her Daddy! Love you all, see you on Monday!

mikaysmom said...

Can't wait to see you all. funny about the bag. I want one and I don't even have a yoga mat!!! We'll see if we can't surprise you with a few things since you've been so busy. I loved all of your pics from Prague.