Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monday, December 7

They had several decorated houses for the kids to put frosting on Christmas cookies in Dresden - Brenna loved it (too bad that the only thing edible on those cookies was the frosting - the rest was too hard to eat!)

(there were four houses to choose from for the Cookie decorating - this is the one that Brenna picked (although when she came out, she was ready to go into the other ones!)
Dustin in the wheel for the merry-go-round for Brenna. I don't think he was too thrilled with the task, lol!
Brenna waving to Daddy in the wheel!

Brenna showing off her Pez dispenser (it is Gary the snail from Sponge Bob)

My new bag - isn't it cute???

Hello All!!!

Well, it is our flying day :-) (I can't believe that I am still feeling unprepared this morning - I need to pull myself together very shortly!!!).
I am going to let our pictures this morning do all our talking, lol (there are quite a few!). Hope everyone has a great day (including Brenna and me and everyone else on our flight today!)
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

love the pictures... I hope all went well on your flight today! Welcome home... :o)