Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 12

Brenna being "cheesy" in the back seat of the car. Don't you just love the upside down sunglasses??

Brenna loves the German bathrooms - I think her favorite part may be that they have a special door for her to go through :-)
Spargel feeds in Germany (basically white asparagus - but a specialty of our region)
o.k. - hopefully you won't be bored by all my pictures of the zoo animals today. The Basel zoo (where we went on Saturday) advertises that you are close to the animals - I think by my pictures, you can see that the zoo is a great place to take animal pictures if you are interested. Our weather was perfect for the day at the zoo - around 60 and sunny the whole day :-)
above, the monkeys - Brenna said they were her favorite this trip :-) Brenna showing off her great smile below :-)

One of the kids areas had big rocks for the kids to climb on - I think Brenna could have stayed all day.

Don't you love the pink shoes?? Brenna is all about wearing jeans right now - the hello kitty pair she has are my favorites :-)

the penguins always seem like they are modeling for the pictures, lol
Brenna holding her "camera" for the day (she really has a good imagination)

Brenna taking a picture with her car (um, I mean "camera", lol)
There were lots of baby goats at the zoo, but they all seemed to have their backs to me, so here was my best picture of one...
Brenna showing all of us the little bruise on her chin (she fell at the playground here in town)
Brenna's reaction to one of the animals pooping in front of her
(the guilty animal just before going to the bathroom, lol)

Hello All!!!

So, I have a ton of pictures today to share from the Basel zoo, so I'm going to try to keep my writing short. We had a great day at the zoo on Saturday - the weather was perfect for me (and great day to see all the animals). Brenna loves the zoo and seeing all the animals, so it was a great way to enjoy a nice day outside as a family. It is amazing to think now that we are only 1 1/2 hour drive to Switzerland currently - I am going to miss how close we are to great sites.... (also amazing to think how quickly 1 1/2 hour goes in the car after spending so much time in the car in Ireland...).
We stayed around home on Sunday - it rained off and on, so not much fun stuff outdoors (although we did all make a trip to the ice cream shop here in town). Justice got his weekend walks, so he was pretty happy about that (unfortunetly for him, he has a nasty hot spot on his side - we have him in one of my old t-shirts right now to try to minimize his licking it, but he doesn't seem to mind wearing the shirt). After cleaning in the morning on Sunday, I did get started on some of my sewing projects, but none of them are at a picture point yet - but hopefully they will be soon (hmm, I seem to have quiet a few projects going at the same time - never a good idea for finishing stuff). Brenna and I tried to make it outside for the rainbow yesterday, but it faded so quickly, that I am pretty sure that Brenna missed it - bummer.
Brenna was off to school today, so I spent some time getting ready for my sewing (yuck, ironing) - it is amazing how much time it takes to prepare to do sewing some days. We took Justice for a nice walk this afternoon (even though there were grey skies).
I have raved about the toilets at the Sanifar roadside rests here in Germany to people (these are so nice and clean - I am happy to pay the 50 cents to use them) that I finally took a video of the self-cleaning toilets. Why doesn't the US have these yet??? So, if you want to see the coolest toilet - the seat rotates and is cleaned - check out our video today (I promise there isn't any pee or poop in the toilet, just videoed from flushing to the cleaning).
Well, I think that is about it today!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Great zoo pics, you guys. Is that a donkey zebra? it has stripes on the legs. We can't wait for our children's zoo to open this month, too! Hey, I want to see Justice wearing your t-shirt...Brenna, keep up the picture taking!