Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5

You can watch Brenna's preschool singing performance at the above link. She was excited to go perform, but a little bummed when I told her that she wouldn't be receiving flowers like she did for her dance performance...Below - Brenna in the fire truck that was at the church for the community festival.

Brenna and daddy also checked out the helicopter there - but Brenna was more interested in heading to the bouncy house slide that was at the church - she could have played on it for hours...

On the 26th of June, daddy had a chance to join us at the Akron zoo - Brenna had a great time with him!

showing off her stamp (when you go into the akron zoo, there is a cart with items to buy on it, we found out this winter that the kids can also get a free stamp there - so that is something Brenna always enjoys there as well).

riding the pink flamingo :-)

the week of the 27th, Brenna and I played with her colored crayola bubbles. (pink of course, although on her skin and mine they looked more red...). I had read some user reviews online that these stain clothes and the sidewalk, but we didn't have any problems with Brenna's swimsuit and the backyard grass :-)

on Sunday (the 3rd), we checked out the Cleveland Children's Museum. Brenna enjoyed their messy craft (which is their name for it) when they made some orange slime :-)

Brenna also enjoyed the water play area they had for the kids to play in and the climbing thing they had at the museum. The museum is really good for kids when they enjoy pretend play (they have a nice room right now with astronaut stuff and they have a nice "barnyard", playhouse area (including a doctor's office, living room, and grocery store)). Brenna really enjoyed the play area, but would have enjoyed having someone her own age to play with there.

On Sunday, we also went to Vermillon to the beach there - great area to put your feet in Lake Erie.

Then, yesterday, we enjoyed the day with Dustin's family. I have to say that Uncle Steven wins the prize in my book for most fun playing with the sprinkler - he and Brenna had a great time :-) Brenna loves her Uncle Steven and she really enjoyed playing with him all day yesterday :-)

we didn't bring a swimsuit with us, but Divine Miss Gammy came up with a great top for Brenna :)

Hello All!!

Hope all is going well out there! Things are good here - trying to enjoy summer :-)

Brenna had lots of fun at her preschool singing at the church's community fest. You can check out the video above. (Although I think what she really loved was the bouncy house slide - she would have been happy to stay and play on it all day).

The day after the church community festival, we enjoyed the great summer weather at the Akron zoo :-) I really love that zoo and so glad that we got a membership :-)

Brenna is enjoying her summer dance classes - she loves the acro class on Thursday (in fact, she was so impatient to go this week to class that we enjoyed watching the mini movement ballet and tap class because we got there very early). (That and she thinks that her class is the same time that the class during the year was).

We had a very nice family 4th of July weekend. Brenna helped me make cookies here at home, we went to the Cleveland Children's museum, spent the day with family and enjoyed the beach at Vermillon.

Well, that is about all I can think of to post for now!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

The penguin pic is especially cute, I'm loving that! And we can really tell that Brenna is loving the water spray.! Way to go, Uncle Steven, you rock!

mikaysmom said...

What a fun few weeks Brenna and you all have had! Loved watching the video! Glad you guys are getting a chance to really take in the local entertainment this summer!