Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, October 28

so, above - Brenna before school yesterday - she was dressed up as Holiday Barbie (and no, they didn't have dress-up day at school yesterday - that is scheduled for Monday - it will be interesting to see what she choses that day!!!) Below - Brenna modeling the new Carpenter Creation (I am having a very difficult time focusing this week - so I took a break from work and finally sewed this project that has been sitting in my craft room - very happy with the short time it took from start to finish - only about 4 hours).

Dress-up day on Tuesday at dance class
Hello all,

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here (other than the fact that I can't hear anything right now - so frustrating). Brenna's dance studio is having dress-up week - she was holiday barbie yesterday (and she wore that outfit to school too). Brenna enjoyed having some pink around her eyes with a little bit of glitter (although last night at dance she wore eye shadow instead - she loves the kind of make-up that she gets to wear on the stage (including the red lipstick in some of the pics above).

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26

so over the weekend our town had a Halloween Harvest Festival that included a pet costume parade. We dressed up Justice like Air Bud and took him up town (plus with my limited time, some face paint and one of Brenna's shirts was all I had time for). He still got plenty of comments on how cute he was even though he didn't win anything in the pet costume contest (I think he was happy with all the attention he got anyway). The face paint was just the water based stuff that I have been using - I'm impressed it went on Justice's fur so easily.

Can't you hear Justice's plea - "oh, please, dad - let me go play with everyone here - I'll be good - I promise..."

Brenna in the army vehicle they had at the festival

inside the back of the army vehicle

Looking a little fluffy here - but oh, so cute!

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - hoping the time goes somewhat fast the next few days as Dustin is away in Detroit. Brenna has dress-up week at dance this week. She doesn't want to wear the same costume at every event - so it should be interesting to see all of her outfit choices by the end of the month. Yesterday we sprayed her hair pink, she wore the tank dress I made her at Christmas, her silver leggings from this years Halloween costume and some new pink leg warmers.

Well, we have to get ready for school!!!

Take Care

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20th

Brenna before school pictures yesterday - she didn't want me to take her picture so I tried two things to get some pictures - I got out the remote and let her use it (the picture above and below - of course that one kind of didn't work out like I hoped as she wanted me in the pictures with her - and lets face it - I didn't look nearly as picture perfect as she did :-)

the outfit that Brenna is wearing is part of her Halloween costume - I think this is one costume she will be able to wear all winter :-) She looked like such a Hollywood star with the sparkly top and silver pants :-)she chose to accessorize with her tall boots and pink shrug and necklaces - such a fashionista! However, she didn't want me to take any pictures of her - so I had get her to take a picture with one of the cats (Frankie).

a few weeks ago - we went with our friends to a farm in Wooster for some fall fun. Brenna loved all the cutouts that she could put her head in :-)

The girls on the wagon together

Driving along in my straw tractor :-)

Brenna and Daddy

Emma and Carsten

Playing with the duck races

the girls on the wagon ride - I loved that they held hands right at the start - so cute!

the girls at the end of the ride :-) Emma has such a cute smile :-)

The girls right before the end of our day

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well! Things continue to be very busy here, but I thought I would get the last of my updates blogged. Brenna had school pictures yesterday - she looked so cute in her outfit and curly hair (I just wish she would have wanted me to take her picture too!). The weather is rainy and cool here so I took Brenna to McDonald's play area yesterday and she played for 2 hours - she was so tired and sweaty when we were done (and amazingly enough I only had to buy a drink and an ice cream cone for the 2 hour break that let me get some computer work done :-)

I also included our pictures from the farm in Wooster - the weather was really great for going that day and we all had a great time doing the corn maze as well :-)

Not too much else going on this week - just busy, busy, busy!

Take Care!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, October 15

o.k. - I have been a pretty bad blogger lately, but life here at my house has been very crazy. My pictures aren't in order, but here is some of our life since the last blog post. Above, Brenna at a birthday party from last week for our friends' daughter from Germany - I did face painting (I only got one picture of the kids with the face painting - this one of Brenna, so if anyone has any pictures they would like to share, I would really enjoy seeing them. Below, we made an art display wall in our breakfast room - the wire curtain hangers are from IKEA (Dustin goes by there weekly unless he is traveling to elsewhere - like Germany - he is scheduled to go again on Monday - this is like the 3rd or 4th time since my last blog post - at least it seems that way...) Anyway, Brenna loves her art wall - these were for the month of September - we cleared it all off after these pictures for October and our wall is almost full already!

Brenna with two of her jelly fish (or maybe one was an octopus) - anyway, our new kitten, Frankie, was right there hoping to catch one :-)

Since my last blog post, we have adopted two new kittens from an animal shelter close by our house. We have a brother and sister who look almost identical - Brenna likes them to have their collars on so that she can tell them apart (although if one is causing trouble - it is bound to be Frankie, and if one is hiding under the bed, it is bound to be our little girl - Marshmallow (also called Sissie here at home).

Last week with the really warm weather, I took Brenna to the zoo - we had a very enjoyable afternoon there.

my little penguin...

a trip to the Akron zoo isn't complete without sitting on the lion...

pics after our time at the zoo...

Our new little kittens - Marshmallow and Frankie

Brenna decided to be a rock star for Halloween. (Brenna actually wanted to dress up as Hannah Montana's best friend Lily/Lola). So, we bought this great blue wig at Target - she modeled it for me and let me paint a star on her eye - too cute!! (although for the Boo at the Zoo today at the zoo, she wasn't interested in the wig - and with the wind, it probably wasn't a bad idea to skip it).

Frankie at rest - so sweet then...(Marshmallow went and hid under the bed when I got the camera out)

Brenna modeling her new hat that she bought with her birthday money.

My little fashionista...

strike a pose

Brenna dressed up for Boo at the Zoo today. I was going to do face paint, but she asked for make-up instead (as she said, like she had for the dance stage) - I think she looked adorable - although it does make me think that she is growing way too fast!!

what a little model...

Brenna is starting practices for her little dance company - this is one of her new moves from the dance..

another move from the new dance - oh, my - what a face!

sleeping beauty...(only pretending here - she is a good pretend sleeper!!) (and since this is the first picture of her whole costume - I can say that I made the leggings, the pink top, and the white and silver polka dotted top too. She had a feather hair clip in her hair that looked so cute with it (and the clip stays in her hair very well too).

Brenna with Buck - a mascot for Acme supermarket at the zoo

On the Carousel

Brenna with our friends' daughter from Germany (who had the birthday last week) - such little cuties!

oh, boy, Brenna found a bubble maker...

I loved the expression below...


Modeling the costume (before the make-up) - she wore the costume all day, so I think I made a winner in comfort :-)

of course, Brenna wanted to dress up the pets for Halloween - Frankie as a pirate...

Justice modeling the same pirate hat ...

After the birthday party this week, Brenna wanted her face painted for school the next day - i think she looked very cute for the 5 minutes that we had to paint her face :-)

Hello All,

Hope everyone hasn't given up on me - life has been pretty crazy here. Dustin has been traveling to Germany a lot lately (and he goes again next week - yikes!) and my new job has really started to be very demanding (like life wasn't crazy enough before all of this!).

Anyway, I think I put most of the highlights of life recently with the pictures above - Brenna's most exciting news is the new kittens we adopted about a month ago. Brenna loves holding them and petting them. I finished Brenna's Halloween costume today just in time for Boo at the zoo - now just to get 2 other costumes done before Halloween and I may take a long break from sewing while I am working on this contract job...

Well, I gotta get some other work done! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures - I think the only pictures from between posts that didn't go up was our day at the pumpkin farm from a couple weekends ago.

Take Care!