Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23rd Post 3

Brenna's dance pictures this year:
Let me know if you have a favorite!

Saturday, June 23 Post 2

 The week after the dance recital, we had all the old vinyl flooring replaced with tile.  In the upstairs bathrooms, we also decided to have heated flooring put in underneath - now I can't wait to have the cold weather come and have warm bathroom floors :-)
 While all the flooring was being replaced, Brenna had a chance to spend some days with her cousin Mikayla and my parents as well.  She really enjoyed that they have 5 kittens at the house right now. 

 These are the face of - "I'm going to miss these kittens"

Saturday, June 23

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there!  I am going to try to play some catch-up on what has been going on around here, but may have to do more than one post today for it :-)
First up - Preschool graduation :-)  Brenna graduated from Preschool on my birthday and can't wait for Kindergarten in the fall!

 With her teacher (and the preschool director) Ms. Megan
 Brenna's new dance pose for the year - I love it :-)  She has on her new eye mask that Daddy bought for her.
 We had a chance to go see her cousin Ally's dance recital.  Brenna really enjoyed seeing her perform on stage. 
 Brenna at dress rehersal for Tea at the Ballet Barre
 Brenna was very excited when the family showed up to see her dance recital, but she was the most excited for her cousin Mikayla to be there :-)  She had to have Mikayla with her in the bathroom while she got ready so they both had some beautiful red lipstick on after :-)  Thank you to all the family for coming - Brenna was so excited to have you attend her second dance recital.
 For the evening performance, both girls got in costumes.  Brenna was pretty sad that the family was staying home while she went off to the stage, but she did great in her evening acts.
 What a little diva...
 after the Friday night performance.  I wish I could say I was totally relaxed about her performing on stage and all the practices that lead up to it, but I was a wreck the week of the recital...