Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21

so, here are some pictures from our valentine week. Brenna loved the card she got in the mail from Divine Miss Gammy - almost good enough to eat :-) - below, styling her shades (too bad you can see me in the picture (don't look to closely at the reflection, lol).

I get a lot of tongue shots - it is easier sometimes than a smile shot with my little girl...

Loving her daddy...

we tried out paper towel curlers last week (you just tear a paper towel into strips and then tie them). We didn't have consistent curls at all - I guess I am not to talented at the art of putting paper in her hair, lol!

the results of our paper towel curlers... (Brenna didn't originally want to show any teeth, but we finally found some later in the morning)

before school - she loves her new tangled t-shirts (can you tell that is all she wanted to wear last week)
Yesterday, we were joined by some great friends and went to the ice festival in our town. Before they arrived, we had to check out the new bakery in town (it is for pets). Justice enjoyed one of the yummy treats yesterday.
Ice sculptures - I think this one was my favorite :-)

angel fish
dog with newspaper
pink panther (for the owens corning in town)
i think the castle was one of my favorites (not sure why i didn't try to make my picture straight, but oh, well)
the cups and tee pot at Miss Molly's Tee Room (which we all decided was a little too fancy for our tired little ones)

Had to include my sad eyed dog in a picture - he enjoyed an early morning walk with me on Sunday

A picture of Brenna's valentines. The ones with M&M's went to her preschool and the ones with Smarties went to dance class (I think next year I will just do the ones like the dance class - with my new paper cutter they were really quick and easy - although the ones with candy weren't too bad either (but I was more tempted to eat M&M's than Smarties))
Brenna with her candy heart ring :-)

Hello All!!!!
Hope all is well out there. Brenna started with a fever yesterday evening and isn't feeling so great today :-(
Brenna had a great Valentine's week (who knew she would get so much candy??). We enjoyed the warmer weather last week with a trip to the zoo on Thursday. I think Brenna likes the climbing wall at the zoo more than anything, but at least they have something fun for the kids to do in the winter time there.
I was glad to see the snow gone, but it wasn't fun to have the mud back for Justice's paws, lol. We got a new dusting of snow yesterday evening (with some ice too - yuck). But at least we were back inside the house by then (at least Brenna and I were - Dustin went out for a long run in it).
We enjoyed our town ice festival yesterday with some great friends. After the ice festival, we took Brenna to see Gnomeo and Juliet. She really enjoyed the movie, but I think she was starting not to feel the best. By bedtime, she had a fever running and had a tough time sleeping last night :-( Lets hope she feels better soon! We are going to take it easy here today with a movie marathon I think!
Take Care!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, February 7

my poor dog is pretty lazy these days - just lays around and now is subject to Brenna's desire to dress him up. Today, he was modeling Dustin's headset from the X-box.

I love his look in the picture below...
Brenna modeling her new outfit from Divine Miss Gammy - she looks so cute - thanks for everything!!
Brenna almost making a sad face below (I think Justice had it nailed better than she did, but I guess we didn't get any smiles from him today)...
I love her smile below - what an expressive face she has!
Dustin took the picture below when at his parents this weekend - hmm, the snow looks kind of pretty here (but I am still tired of it!)..
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Just had to share some of our recent pictures from here - hope you enjoy them!
Brenna and Dustin enjoyed a trip to his parents over the weekend - I didn't accomplish as much as I hoped, but it was nice to have a little break after all the days Brenna and I were couped up together last week.
Brenna and I worked on cleaning this morning - and is now enjoying watching her new Wiggle video :-)
Well, that is it for today!
Take Care!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, February 4

so, here is finally a new post (I am having a hard time making it to the computer these days!). I made a new dress for myself above out of some fabric I had laying around here (I think it looks a lot like one of those snuggly blankets at the top - but it is warm and comfortable, lol). Below - Brenna at the start of the fashion show she put on for Dustin and I last Friday evening...

hmm, can you tell she was having fun with this... (although I think the neighbors were all "flashed" as she used the front window area as her dressing room so that I couldn't see her, lol).
getting ready for an outfit change...

Brenna's new pose that she learned in dance class...
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! I am so tired of seeing snow here - when will it finally be spring time??? I am running out of good ideas to keep Brenna and I entertained. Brenna has started taking interest in walking Justice outside again - (although I'm not sure if she just would rather play in the snow - she likes to fall in the snow alot on the walks :-). We walked him together several times last week (not so much this week with the snow storm that came on Tuesday night - guess it about time to get over the weather being cold outside and take him out!).
Brenna has been having fun here with her Kinectimals (we finally bought a Kinect - it is good exercise for our family right now with the weather being so bad outside - Brenna loves playing the track and field too - she is going to be hard to beat soon!). Brenna also likes the bowling (especially in the evening when all 3 of us can play) - guess we may have to take her bowling for real soon.
Brenna's school was closed with the weather on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. She did not want to go to school yesterday, but I think she was fine after I left. (Of course, her favorite pretend game at the moment at home is going off to school - never have any arguments for going to that version :-)
Other than that, not too much going on - trying to get Justice out more for exercise, but it is not great with the weather right now - when will the snow finally leave Ohio?? (I know no one wants to hear me say this - but I miss the mild winters in Germany - I didn't have to deal with the snow balls in Justice's paws there as the snow didn't stick around this long (just rain)). Well, at least we had some sunshine here yesterday and today.
Well, that is all I can think to talk about for now! Hopefully, February will be a better month for my blogging!
Take Care!