Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last day of September

Hello everyone!

We had a very busy day yesterday with cleaning (more still putting our stuff away), German class, and gym class for Brenna.
Most of our stuff is finally put away - just need to get some storage solutions from IKEA for the remainder. The gym class was good for Brenna. They set out kid friendly items with a small trampoline, the balance beam, and wood benches for the kids to walk on. They also had a carpet with balls underneath for the kids to walk along. These were all set up in a square. Brenna wasn't so much interested in the items set up in the square as she was with the balls on the outside. The girl loves balls - she will carry them around, chase them, try to dribble them (both with hands and feet), and try to shoot them. Hopefully, she will have a lot more coordination than I do.
Brenna and I got up and baked this morning - made crepes for lunch (something new :-) and muffins for dessert this evening.
Here are a couple pictures - from bedtime last night and from baking today. I can't believe how fast she got flour on her nose :-)

Take care!!