Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday, August 7

Hello All!!

Well, we are back in Ohio safe and sound :-) Our flight yesterday was fairly uneventful - Brenna was well entertained with the TV (she watched Shrek and old Disney cartoons) and also paper and stickers (although those weren't nearly as entertaining this trip as the last). Brenna dozed off about an hour before landing and slept thru the landing (interesting tidbit here - Brenna slept through all the take offs and landings when she came home from Guatemala, and now it is funny to me that she slept thru the landing coming home from Germany). Brenna is such an experienced flier - although with the Germany adventure ending it will be interesting how soon she flies anywhere again. Justice did well getting dropped off for the flight (thank goodness we were able to check our bags in with the dog - the lines were unbelievable in Frankfurt) only snag there was we had to put a soft item in his crate, so I let him lay with my favorite pullover - I'm sure it is fine other than lots of dog hair (and maybe some dog drool). We were so excited to have the dog back and then our suitcases that we left Brenna's carseat behind (but it didn't take Dustin too long to go back in and get it - at least we remembered before we left the airport - although we didn't notice until after we were loading up my sister's car). Thanks for picking us up Renee - it was great visiting with you on the drive home :-) Love you girl!

I have been keeping notes on what has been going on since the movers packed up our items in Germany, but that will have to wait until after we have settled in a little more (lots to unpack, painting to be done and my hand writing to figure out...)

Hope all is well out there!!
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

so glad you made it home safe!!! we are excited to see you on Saturday!!!

mikaysmom said...

Glad to have everyone home safe and sound. Justice was such a trooper along with Brenna after such a long day! I'm glad you stayed up and chatted with me all the way home! Can't wait to see you all again on Sat.