Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25

two of my yummy snacks I made to eat today (we made them for a craft morning with friends, but were very bummed that our host got sick - please feel better soon - we would love to make the pizza muffins (below) to share (and also our yummy frozen banana ghost (pics of that to follow in our next post)). The bread above was a sun-dried tomato and basil bread - it was really good (but probably not going to be made again as the jar with the sun-dried tomato and basil was way too expensive for me to buy again :-(

Can you believe my little model below (check out her favorite shoes of mine - I think she would like me to wear them on a daily basis - but I kind of think they look better on her, lol). (She felt the need to dress up today after looking at our wedding pictures with all our pretty dresses - I was surprised that this was the dress she picked, but she did look great in it).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been staying busy here. Last week Dustin was in Detroit all week - boy did Brenna and I miss having him home.
I wasn't really feeling like myself last week, so we really didn't do too much (we did however do two crafts - Brenna and I did some paper mache - (although we aren't finished with that project yet - so you will have to wait to see the finished item there and I made earrings, (I of course did got a little carried away with them and made 3 new pairs and bought some clip ons for Brenna as she is all about the accessories right now)). Brenna had school pictures last week too - can't wait to see those as she looked so cute in her braids that morning when she left :-)
Well, that is about all I can remember from last week (I guess I better start posting more frequently again, lol).
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

um, yumm. the food looks so yummy. Brenna is quite the looker in her get up, and sexy shoes!

mikaysmom said...

Love the outfit, love the yummy looking food. Can't wait to see the banana ghosts!