Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, January 3

so - here a "few" pictures from the holidays :-) Above - I made Brenna a new tank top play dress - she loves all the sparkle (and I love that this one is washable). She was really impressed that I put all the sparkle on the dress (should I tell her that the fabric came that way...), but she is claiming all the remaining fabric for herself - wonder what else I can make for her out of it.... Brenna got this dress from me on Christmas eve with her Hershey Kiss exchange. So what was our exchange? With our advent tree - the last week, the only items that fit under the small trees that were left were Hershey's Kisses. Brenna doesn't love the kisses like she does some of the other chocolate - so on the 21st - I let her trade the kiss for a Kit Kat, on the 22nd - she traded for a piece of German chocolate that was her favorite, on the 23rd - she traded for the Hannah Montana finger nail polish kit (she had got a couple pieces of that already under those trees), and on the 24th - she didn't even think about keeping the kiss - she was ready to trade as soon as she saw it, lol. Now that the trees are gone - she is missing them - she has asked twice already about her trees in the morning....(although it isn't so much about the tree as it was the gift under them). I think we will be doing another forest next year :-)

my pictures are not in order today - they are in order by the camera that I took the pictures on (and I loaded pictures today from 3 different cameras, lol). So here starts pictures from Christmas at my side. My sister's daughter was not in the mood for pictures from me - this is the only nice smile picture I got from her, but at least the girls are looking good in this picture :-)
Ally on the other hand is always in the mood for a picture - you can hardly stop her from being in front of the camera once you get started :-) (although if you are noticing the child in the pink - she wanted to be in all my pictures that day too :-)
Ally and Sophie
our little models...Ally's family got a new puppy - Snickers sure is a cutie!
hmm - I think the girls needed to slide a little closer together for this one.... (oh, and Brenna was teaching Ally how to put her arm out for the picture - I think we are in trouble, lol).

big hugs!
this was one of my favorite pictures - (of course once Ally was down - she did get tickled attacked before being allowed back up by the other kids, lol).
what a good looking group here
the day after the party, the older kids all came over to my parent's house. Alexis asked about face painting - and this was our selection :-) (I may have to practice more if this is a continuous request :-) My face paints wash off a little easier than these did, but the girls all looked pretty with the paint on for the afternoon :0) The girls all wanted to match - thank goodness :0)
the ringleader :-)

the face painting even looking good with PJs
(what secrets are they whispering???)
Brenna discovered one of her hats at Gammy and Papa's house - love the pink hat :-)
Brenna got some new outfits while celebrating Divine Miss Gammy's birthday yesterday (Gammy thank you so much - she loves the outfits - she couldn't wait to get dressed this morning in the blue one - she has already selected the other one to wear tomorrow).

not sure why she was holding the pink shirt here... but looking adorable. (I may have to consider modifying some of her t-shirts that she already has like this so she will want to wear them - I think I have all the fabric here to do the skirt attachment!)

On Christmas eve, our family went ice skating together for the 1st time. Brenna loved it - she was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. (and lucky for me, Dustin has good balance, so he was able to help Brenna go around the whole time)
if you like this picture - be sure to check out my video links below :-)
Christmas at Dustin's parents :-) Brenna loved her cool new gifts
Uncle Steven picked some perfect PJ's - Brenna loves them and the matching slippers!
hugs with Gammy and Papa
another out of order shot - my sister and I getting our self picture in :-)
Brenna modeling my new slippers that Santa brought for me...
loving the sunglasses here :-)
Gammy bought Brenna 3 very cute dresses yesterday - she couldn't wait to put them on (in fact, she changed at the store into this one to wear at the mall yesterday).

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hope everyone reading had a wonderful holiday - I was on a blogging break during the holidays :-)

Lots of pictures for you to enjoy today (so I'm going to take a break from writing too much here). We had a great Christmas holiday - Brenna declared it the best so far :-)
Here are some videos of Brenna's first ice skating experience

Right before Christmas I also took my 1st two finished quilts to a person for long arm quilting - they look great. Once I get the binding attached I will be sure to get some pictures up ;-)

Hopefully, by the end of January, I will finally have all my Christmas gifts finished - I feel awful that I didn't finish any of my sister's gifts (guess I will have to make her something extra special to go with her gifts :-)
Well, that is all for now - take Care!
(oh, and we all are wishing Justice a happy birthday here - he turned 7 yesterday!) Happy birthday to our great dog!


heathmamagam said...

Wow! what a great bunch of subjects you have! and the photographer has some portrait quality pics...and (material to work with) We love it all! !

mikaysmom said...

So sorry, mikay wasn't in the smiling mood. I think she was over partied by then! Who knows. Love all the pics and I think you got a good one of the two of us! Love all Brenna's new glittery and fancy clothes, you are going to be washing these a lot more than any of her other clothes!!! Love you!

The Bean's said...

wow! Looks like you guys had a fun and busy Christmas Holiday. What fun pictures!!!