Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21

Brenna with her pink outfit from Sunday - I love all the pink from the new headband to the pink shoes (sorry - I had the wrong lense on to get a whole body shot of her - but we did get at least one picture of just the shoes :-)

We also made it around the block today with Justice with the warm weather - here is Brenna after (still loving the pink headband :-) (and her favorite coat - her Hello Kitty jean jacket :-)

I like to have a conversation with Brenna when we take pictures - I have found the best way to get some real smiles from her is to have her talk about her school friends - but sometimes, I catch the picture mid-sentence. (so for me, this is what I see for most of our "photo" sessions - lol).
the smile that followed our chat :-)

Hello All!!!

Just had to share some new pictures of Brenna in the headband I found for her last week at the store (and it was even on clearance :-) She is in love with it - but will only wear it for about 20 minutes or so (which is pretty typical of her with any of her headbands).
We had a pretty quiet weekend here - Brenna was all about hanging out with Daddy (which I was glad for as he is leaving for Germany this week for a week or two - good daddy/daughter bonding time :-) The weather was cooler than Thursday and Friday, but still warmer so I took Justice for some nice long walks and Dustin played with Brenna outside. Brenna is really looking forward to some upcoming time with the Grandparents on both sides - especially for Dustin's mom coming up to stay while Daddy is gone :-) (I'm pretty sure she is going to start a countdown for that on the calendar she has in her room).
Well, that is all for now!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Hello, pink Girl! You are getting so grown up already. We all love to see you r beautiful smiles!.xoxoxo

mikaysmom said...

What a smile, but I love the one mid sentence! Miss you guys!