Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 16

we are celebrating Brenna's gotcha day all weekend - so, to start off the weekend, we tried to get a new family picture (my goal for each gotcha day has been just to spend time as a family, hopefully make Brenna feel special and get a new family picture). So, Brenn and I ganged up on Daddy and got one really good picture (can you belive this was the first picture taken below??). Brenna and I both got our hair cut and styled yesterday - I didn't realize until we left how expensive a morning at the salon would be (oops), but Brenna felt very pampered after having her hair done and her nails too (she had her first salon pedicure :-)

I loved Brenna's smile in the picture below - can you tell I was trying to tell her to move the flower down in the picture??
thought I would try a picture with a book (I've seen this on the photographer's website who took our family pictures in August). I love this one of Dustin and Brenna together (we didn't get one of all of us that turned out like I would like). With the book that I chose - it might have to be on our Christmas cards this year....
Brenna of course, really wanted to take pictures of Dustin and I - with the camera on the tripod it really makes it easy for her to be our photographer :-) I also love that he is holding one of her stuffed animals in the picture - I thought about cropping it out, but I think I like the picture more with him holding her toy :-)
Brenna and I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon for some paint supplies - we got some new canvas to paint on. I've been wanting to paint this horse (he is a very popular character in Germany - part of the Diddlina) on a canvas - I think I did a pretty good job (even if I did use the wrong type of paint for my canvas - it looks good right now ;-)
When Dustin was gone, Brenna, Divine Miss Gammy and I enjoyed an afternoon at Miss Molly's Tea Room followed by some pottery painting. We all painted the cupcake cookie jar below - it is so cute! Now, I just need to figure out what to store in it... I bought some of the vanilla oreos, but it turns out that Brenna only wants those frozen now when she eats them (which I have to give kudos to my mother-in-law there - it really does make the cookies taste better that way).

oh, I was working on Brenna's curtains this week. (under my cupcake cookie jar is the unfinished panel). I finished one panel for her room. I used black out lining for the curtain, but I still am disappointed how much light comes in the room - but Brenna seems to really like the one that is finished (in fact, she told me that she really only wants one now - hopefully, I can get the other curtain finished and hung up in her room still).
Brenna's Gnome that she painted - he is so cute! If anyone has seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet - Brenna obviously sided with both the red and the blue :-) (and now she would really love some lawn art - she really wants some Gnomes and Flamingos for the back yard - anyone seen any cute ones???)
I finally finished my sister's purse - I love the fabric she donated for the bag - I hope the purse works well for you ;-)
the two new bags :-)
Brenna showing Divine Miss Gammy her favorite picture pose...

Our first tea afternoon :-)
With the weather finally having some nice days, I took Brenna out of preschool early on Thursday and we drove up to the Akron zoo. Brenna loved walking around the zoo, seeing the new baby penguins (I think the one right in front with the yellow band is the boy penguin), riding the Carousel, and feeding the animals at Farmland for the 1st time. I think she could have fed the sheep and goats all day. She also loved time at the rock climbing wall in the Jelly Fish area (that is her favorite part). If anyone wants to go up on a nice afternoon - just left me know - we love spending time at the zoo and Brenna is on a mission to ride every animal on the Carousel :-)
I swear I have a picture so similar to this from the London zoo (below)....
Brenna riding the polar bear (she wanted to ride the dog again, but then decided she would rather have an animal that went up and down - so she just picked an animal close by)

Brenna loves to pose with the statues...

The Easter Bunny is visiting the Akron Zoo - I think Brenna was just as happy to sit in the sparkly chair - hmm - wonder if we could do one like that for her room???

Hello All!!!

Can you believe that I let half of April go by with no posts??? I'm surprised no one has emailed or called to remind me that I need to post something (usually I hear something from my dad - did he stop reading me???).

Anyway, Dustin was gone for 2 weeks in Germany (he went for work and stayed at the hotel I looked out my windows at every day (and walked by on the way to the store/school everyday as well)). Brenna and I were very sad that Daddy was gone for so long. We tried to leave the house as much as possible. I was glad both sets of Grandparents were available for some much needed distraction. On a positive note, we finally got a chance to see my mom, dad, sister, and niece (who we hadn't seen since Christmas). Brenna really enjoyed our time with family - but we were bummed that Justice was sick the 1st weekend that Daddy was gone (at least he never had an accident in my parents' house - but it made it so we were ready to come home and go to the vet so Justice could get better). We never found out why Justice got sick - but he seems to be fine now (other than the tumor on his head that needs removed and the cyst on his rump - poor guy - it is tough getting old!).

We really enjoyed Dustin's mom's visit - we got a chance to enjoy Miss Molly's Tea Room and then painting pottery afterwards. Brenna loved it and I know she is looking forward to our next trip to the tea room :-) Brenna also got a really cool new jewelry box filled with treasures from Divine Miss Gammy - come back soon - Brenna loved playing with you with them :-)

We took a spring break the 1st full week of April (my niece was on spring break that week and so was Brenna's dance class). It was nice being able to see my family, but it would have been nice to have some warmer nicer weather to enjoy. (Oh, and I was so jealous since Dustin was in Germany with sunshine and warm weather). Can you believe I didn't take any pictures while I was at my mom's???

We had a nice family weekend last weekend after missing Dustin so much. He brought home wonderful gifts for us - Brenna loved her chocolate eggs from Germany :-)

This week has gone by fast - I started working (finally) on Brenna's room curtains - I finished one, just one more to go :-) Brenna and I enjoyed having our hair cut on Friday (she also had the special treat of getting a pedicure). We did some painting in the afternoon on Friday as well. I modeled with my picture - wonder if I can get Brenna to hold up her's or sit by it? This afternoon we went out to them movies and saw Rio. Brenna really enjoyed it and the birds were great to see in 3D.

Oh, I almost forgot - Brenna won most Spirited Dancer at her dance studio :-) We were both very excited!!!

Well, that is about all for now!


heathmamagam said...

Oh, you just have all the artsy talent!! (I first thought your cupcake was real)! Today's memory photos are so enjoyable, but the weather looked the best at the zoo!