Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday, May 28

wow - I really shouldn't go so long between posts - my pictures on the camera have been piling up, so I hope you enjoy a long post of pictures today! Anyway - on Mother's Day, I finished this great looking bag for Dustin's mom - I think it turned out adorable! M.E. - I hope you enjoy it :-)

all the girls on Mother's Day (striking a "Brenna" pose)

I love this pic of Dustin's parents - I think it shows there great sense of humor :-)

Brenna sneaking into the picture with Gammy and Papa - she has been a little camera diva lately - check out all her recent pictures below in the post...

Brenna with Aunt Margee - aren't they sweet together :-)

Brenna and Great Grandma - some more great smiles :-)

Brenna decorating Papa's shoes...she loves those dandelions

We also recently went to one of our god-daughter's 6th birthday parties (where did the time go???). I did face painting for all the girls at the party, but I think I should have taken a different camera - Dustin did a lot of the pictures of the girls and he didn't realize how far back he needed to be from them to focus the camera. A lot of my pictures were blurry, but I did take this one of Brenna later in the evening. I still really need to practice my black outlines, but I do think I am getting better. All the girls loved the glitter and getting their lips painted too :-)

Brenna getting into her dress-up clothes on the rainy days...

So, when Brenna was playing with her mask here, she suggested covering the eyes for a sleeping mask - we made a quick one and Brenna thinks it is great (the first few days she had it, she took it with her to bed and put it on in the morning when she woke up :-)

On Monday, Brenna and I were working on cutting out letters from our magazines when we came across this pirate cake idea. Since the weather outside was raining, we decided it was a great day to try it out. Brenna decorated the cake with about half the marshmallows before she decided they were better to eat than put on the cake. She also didn't want a skull and crossbones on the front - she wanted a swirl instead :-) The cake was really good, but didn't last long in our house - it was gone by Tuesday evening....boy, I think someone should have had a stomach ache from all the cake they ate and it wasn't Brenna and I...

gotta get the cutie with the cake. She couldn't wait to dive into the cake, but she managed to hold off until Daddy got home.

finally getting to have a piece of cake - can you just hear Brenna say "Mom, lets just eat it already - you have enough pictures!"

Brenna on her last day of dance class (until the summer session). They have their recital in less than 2 weeks now. I'm glad that she has really enjoyed the classes - I hope she continues to have fun with them :-) I just love the shades with the leotard and jean jacket.

Brenna's cute outfit for Friday - I love her choices for just "around the house" clothing.

(love the tinkerbell slippers with the outfit!) (can you tell the sunglasses were recently found after being hidden away for awhile. She is such the diva - she doesn't wear these in the cars to block out the sun, just when mommy is taking her pictures this week, lol!)

Also, a new purchase this week was hair curlers. We are requested to curl the girls' hair for the dance recital, but I didn't have any curlers here. So we tried two different ones - this was our second attempt and the more successful day. The following pictures were all taken today - (I know there are several outfit changes - Brenna put on a fashion show for us after we got home from the mall - we found some really awesome deals at Macy's today). The pictures at the top were pretty much right after the curlers came out - the others at about 5 pm today - Brenna loved having the curls all day today (especially since she slept with the uncomfortable curlers in her bed last night). (and I think she really loved how many comments she got at the mall on how adorable she looked!)

Brenna showing me her sad face...

sporting a different headband, and this picture was after lunch, ,so the curls had relaxed a bit more, but still looking too cute!

found a pair of pretty pink clip on earrings too...

modeling one of her new dresses from Macy's today - Brenna loved this dress so much, that she had to change into in the car when we left the mall (in the parking lot). (She loved that she got to say she was going to turn the back seat into a dressing room too - (this is a line from one of Brenna's favorite movies)).

(we found this necklace when we were looking for the headband - the headband looked perfect with the black and white dress she had on)

I loved this top so much at the store (in fact, had it not been for me liking this top (and pants) so much, we may have left Macy's without realizing how inexpensive the rest of the items really were - good thing they have those price scanners)

hmmm- wonder how long she will have white pants....

my best bargain dress below - less than $3 before taxes - I couldn't pass up that deal!

ah, the last picture (and the last picture I took on the camera today!)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been good here - tired of all the rain - I am certainly out of indoor activities for Brenna and I (although I am lucky that she can find almost anything fun - we even made it fun to mop the floors by pretending to be Cinderella mopping the floor on our hands and knees).

I can't believe the number of days I keep going between posts, but it seems I am averaging 4 posts a month right now, so as long as I do another one before Tuesday, I will still be doing o.k. for the month (sorry followers!).

Anyway, I had all the wonderful pictures above to share and also just had to share my crazy day here today. Nothing seemed to go right today - my Nook (book reader) broke (at least there is a replacement one coming in the next week or two), I dropped the new wireless computer mouse in the dog's water bowl (the only open water on the whole first floor and somehow it was drawn to it!), we had a new washer delivered and installed today - as soon as the delivery guys drove away, I noticed I had water coming out from under the machine - turns out that the drain hose on the washer was damaged (looks like it may have been cut when the box was opened) (but lucky for me I have a handy husband - yeah the new washer has now successful washed 2 loads and the whole family "enjoyed" watching the first real load of clothes), and when Brenna and I left the house today, we left the garage door open (for the several hours that we were gone today - oops!). I'm glad that the only real problem that we may have from these oops and bummer moments is a broken computer mouse (but man, I didn't want to touch anything all afternoon for fear that I would break it). Brenna kept my spirits up today - she was a little ray of sunshine all day (and loved her curly hair for the day). I sure hope tomorrow is a better day!

I have been really bad with starting new projects here lately (and I am not doing a great job with finishing them). I have been working on both digital and paper scrap books (I just did a digital book for Rome - it is so crazy to look at those pictures and see how much Brenna has grown, but what is really funny to me is that in Rome, Brenna didn't want me to take her pictures at all, and then this week, she couldn't seem to get enough of me taking her picture, lol). I also got my mother's day (and birthday) gift out and have been playing with my new Accuquilt GO! machine. I'm really glad I requested two dies from the internet for my birthday from Dustin - they are making the new quilt I started go much easier. Maybe one of these days I will be able to work on just one thing at a time, but I doubt it (although maybe this is why I'm so scattered all the time lately!).

I almost forgot that my sister and I had a road trip last Friday evening to meet on of our idols - Amy Butler was in St. Mary's, Ohio. It was really neat to meet her and Lisa Lam, another author (who wrote this really great book on bag making). Hopefully, Renee will send me some pictures of our great evening soon - in keeping with my scatter-brained ways, I forgot to take any of my Amy Butler patterns to be signed and I forgot my camera. Brenna and I enjoyed the Ft. Wayne zoo in the morning last Friday and then she really enjoyed staying with my parents for the evening. (Too bad that she had dance class on Saturday morning so we had to leave pretty early to drive back across the state...) But, we both had a really great time...

Dustin competed in his first triathalon of the season today - he had a great swim (and he did well on the run and bike too). Hopefully, we will be able to get Brenna and I out to enjoy at least one of his races this season.

Well, I think our pictures speak for the rest of what has been going on - hope you enjoy them!

Take Care

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, May 8th

Hello All!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope everyone had as nice a mother's day as I did :-)

Hope you enjoy the letter pictures we took - I know I love them :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, May 6th

So, on Wednesday, Brenna got her costume for their June recital. The top pulls down a little too much in the front, so I tried to see how some safety pins in the back did with it. I still think it is coming down farther than I like, but I don't want to make it so that the straps dig into Brenna's shoulders.... Anyway, Brenna loves the costume - and she should - she looks so adorable in it. I practiced putting some make-up on her yesterday (she has to wear make-up for the recital - wow, it makes her look so grown-up!). Anyway, my little diva loved putting the make-up on and then modeling for me :-)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things have been kind of crazy here. Justice had surgery to remove a tumor and cyst last week and he has been restricted to not going up and down stairs (which means with my people loving golden retriever, someone is staying on the ground floor with him...). I didn't realize how big his incisions would be - with all the staples and the look of the wound, I almost passed out looking at it on the first day! Then, the staples on his hip wound came out on the second day, so we had to go back to the vet to fix that up (needless to say, after how I was when I picked him up and saw his wounds, they got him right in and patched up). Then, the poor guy had to wear a cone for the whole weekend (until Wednesday) and now we have him in a t-shirt. Boy, am I ready for these wounds to get better.

Brenna has a dance recital coming up in June. Their costumes came this week - aren't they adorable???

Well, I need to go see if I can help with the yard work Dustin is working on today :-)

Take Care!