Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11th

Here is my adorable little dancer. Brenna had her dance recital on Thursday and Friday night (and dress rehersal on Wednesday) - she had a great time and really enjoyed being on stage. The pictures above and below were from before Friday nights performance. I love in the one below she was fanning herself.

showing off some faces...

gotta love Justice in the background...

Brenna spent the afternoon on Thursday and Friday with curlers in her hair - doesn't she look cute even with the curlers??!!

below - a picture from before opening night on Thursday...

Brenna's fans after the show...(aka - Daddy)

Brenna in her finale costume (she was very tired by this point on Thursday and Friday - way past her bedtime...)

Brenna and Divine Miss Gammy on opening night

Brenna and Papa on opening night

Brenna and mommy on opening night

Brenna's dance class with her teacher - Ms. Lindsay

Brenna's student assistant - Ms. Marli - she was also in the recital the last two nights - she helped out back stage and did a ton of dances too...

the owner of the Dance House - Ms. Amy

Brenna and Gammy Janice on Friday night

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I have been getting further and further behind with my blogging lately - I have several days worth of pictures to share, but I thought I would share the most recent - Brenna's dance recital. Brenna had lots of fun in her dancing class all year and did had a great time at the dance recital on Thursday and Friday night - (and she did a great job on stage too). Brenna participated in her class tap routine and also in the group finale. The girls all did a great job and the performances were a joy to watch.

Brenna has said this morning that being on stage was "Happy" - she really looked like she enjoyed herself up there.

Also, a special happy birthday wish to Papa Carpenter! Hope you have a great day!! We love you!

Well, that is all for now!

Take Care


heathmamagam said...

Wow!!! the dance recital was a blast. Brenna, keep the music goin' and always keep smiling. Love and Hugs