Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20th

Brenna before school pictures yesterday - she didn't want me to take her picture so I tried two things to get some pictures - I got out the remote and let her use it (the picture above and below - of course that one kind of didn't work out like I hoped as she wanted me in the pictures with her - and lets face it - I didn't look nearly as picture perfect as she did :-)

the outfit that Brenna is wearing is part of her Halloween costume - I think this is one costume she will be able to wear all winter :-) She looked like such a Hollywood star with the sparkly top and silver pants :-)she chose to accessorize with her tall boots and pink shrug and necklaces - such a fashionista! However, she didn't want me to take any pictures of her - so I had get her to take a picture with one of the cats (Frankie).

a few weeks ago - we went with our friends to a farm in Wooster for some fall fun. Brenna loved all the cutouts that she could put her head in :-)

The girls on the wagon together

Driving along in my straw tractor :-)

Brenna and Daddy

Emma and Carsten

Playing with the duck races

the girls on the wagon ride - I loved that they held hands right at the start - so cute!

the girls at the end of the ride :-) Emma has such a cute smile :-)

The girls right before the end of our day

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well! Things continue to be very busy here, but I thought I would get the last of my updates blogged. Brenna had school pictures yesterday - she looked so cute in her outfit and curly hair (I just wish she would have wanted me to take her picture too!). The weather is rainy and cool here so I took Brenna to McDonald's play area yesterday and she played for 2 hours - she was so tired and sweaty when we were done (and amazingly enough I only had to buy a drink and an ice cream cone for the 2 hour break that let me get some computer work done :-)

I also included our pictures from the farm in Wooster - the weather was really great for going that day and we all had a great time doing the corn maze as well :-)

Not too much else going on this week - just busy, busy, busy!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, a pumpkin carriage, love it!! Brenna, please don't grow up so are becoming so grown up. The farm looked like more fun than the real thing!!

mikaysmom said...

So cute! Such a fashionista like her mommy! Frankie's looking a little on the pudgy side already, hope that is just a bad angle for him! Tell Brenna that's she's going to have to start playing with them more or Justice is going to have to chase them more! LOL! Such fun pics from the pumpkin farm! Love it! Glad you guys were able to hang out with friends and enjoy the nice day!