Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday, December 28

A couple pictures from Christmas morning with Santa's surprises :-) Santa saved the dollhouse for last and put that one in the basement :-) She is having lots of fun with her new toys and things

Brenna's new outfit from Santa (oh, and did I mention that Brenna had a haircut on the 23rd - she loves her new short hair) - doesn't she look so grown up???

New dress and scooter from Divine Ms. Gammy - so sweet

New hat and gloves from Dave and Shannon - such a cutie!

Hello All!!!

I was doing so well with my blogging in October, but November and December have went by quickly! I have been very busy with work and making 3 costumes for Brenna's dance group. We had a very nice Thanksgiving and Christmas here. We also managed to squeeze a quick trip to Disney World in as well (lots of fun pictures with the characters from there).

Brenna decided she wanted to have her hair cut shorter so we cut off several inches on the 23rd (at my hairdressers) - I was so sad to see her pretty hair go shorter, but maybe someday she will want it long again.

Well, there is lots more that has happened, but I only have a short time to blog today - hope you enjoy some new pics!

Take Care!