Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012 - Happy Halloween!!

 Brenna and I went out when the weather was still nice a few weekends ago and took these lovely shots.  All of the locations and poses were all her choices :-)  She is growing up much too fast!
 Brenna loves to do the one leg pose below - she is so flexible!
 Sassy and sweet - the leopard coat is part of her cat Halloween costume :-)  (she had two costumes that she is wearing this year - a leopard cat and a ice cream shop girl).
 such a little diva!!

 Here is my cute little kitty before trick-or-treating at the Boo at the Zoo
 Look out for the ferious little kitty trick-or-treating this year!!!
 Another of my sweet little kitty...
 Friends riding on the carousel at the zoo :-)  We had such nice weather for Boo at the zoo :-)

Hello All!!!
Hope all is well.  I've gotten behind on blogging again - how did that happen??? 
Brenna is loving Kindergarten.  Every day she comes home all smiles.  Brenna is learning a lot in the classes - I can't believe how much she has already learned in a few short weeks. They didn't have school due to the poor weather conditions and she was ready to go back today.  Her class had their Halloween party today - she wore her ice cream shop costume for that party.  The cat costume is great for the cooler days as she can wear her warm coat then.  I will try to get those pictures up soon for the other costume. 
Brenna has also lost her second baby tooth.  Dustin helped her pull it out yesterday (I can't believe she let him use the pliers to pull it out!!).  Of course, the tooth fairy came last night and left her 4 quarters :-)  I really hope that the next baby tooth comes out easier than the first two - if you look in her cat pictures above you can see the adult tooth was behind her baby tooth.
Brenna is loving her dance, pom pom, and gymnastics classes as well.  It has been a long week this week as she didn't have her pom pom class or the dance classes.  We enjoyed a model magic project this evening with a jewelry kit - hopefully they will cure up as beautiful as they were today.
Well, that is all for today - enjoy the pictures and take care!!