Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 3

 Some continued updates from our daily pics - above 10/22, below 10/23 (although the headband didn't actually make it out the door, just in the pictures :-)
 Below - pics from before pom pom class :-)  We made a new hair accessory in the afternoon - what do you think of it - I love it on her!  (Can you also tell she was playing in her lipstick earlier in the day??)
 look mom - I'm upside down!

 10/24 - my little Justin Bieber fan...
 10/24/2012 - Dress-up day at Dance class.  Brenna wore her other costume option this year - an Ice Cream Server - isn't she so cute :-)
 of course, this costume is all about the accessories - the notebook to write her orders in...
 Here is your order (the menu came from the ice cream store we had in Germany)
 10/26/2012 - she loves showing her heart :-)
 10/28/2012 - Brenna and I went to Dustin's Zombie 5k (the race was a little disorganized - it ended up being a 10k for him).  The kids who dressed up could do some wasn't really good weather for this - it was rainy and cold.  Only two kids came dressed up so Brenna also came home with a big goodie bag since they had originally planned to do a costume contest as well...
 10/29/2012 - new warm fleece for trick-or-treating...
 hard to see here, but the hair accessory has spiders on it for Halloween.  It came from Brenna's big sis at the Dance House.  Brenna is so in love with her big sis (and all of the older girls at the dance house - I wonder if she will be one of them in a few years??)
 10/31 - dress-up day at school (no school on 10/30 - cancelled due to the wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy).  Another chance to wear her ice cream girl costume ;-)

 laughing below because she can't believe I took the picture above...

 11/1/2012 - so, here is the painted shirt - she hated it so much she wore a sweater over it all day :-(  The spot that bothers her the most is the one you can see in the picture below - it is thick and was too sloppy for her liking - any suggestions??
 10/20/2012 - Dustin and Brenna went to the circus while I stayed home and finished her ice cream girl costume..they had a great daddy/daughter day :-)

 10/21/2012 - Boo at the Zoo

 10/24/2012 - more from dress-up day at the dance house - someone even added an ice cream cone :-)
 the mini company
 Brenna's Mini Movement 2 class - I think we had some pretty good finger prints on the camera lense for these - guess that is what happens when you give the camera to a 6 year old :-)
 Brenna's tumbling class
 10/31/2012 - 2nd tooth finally out!
 red spot in front where the tooth came out - the tooth is already behind it almost all the way..
 Brenna's number 6 pretzel :-)
Hello All -

I think I put most of the update for this one under each picture - hope you enjoy all of the additional pictures!!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, think that is the most smiles in any one place! Love to see our cutie!

mikaysmom said...

great pics. I would say on the shirt she won't wear, let's think of something that we can kind of screen over it or bejewel the heck out of it!