Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday, November 1

Hello All!!  Another catch up post today - hope you enjoy all the pictures :-)
I have been trying to take a picture of Brenna each morning before school - most mornings we have made it :-)  These are the best of the pictures so far.  I find it interesting that Brenna has selected one wall in the house as her designated spot - not the spot I would have chosen, but I will take what I can get since she doesn't necessarily look forward to these morning pictures!
I think I will just date them all for the caption :-)   First up 9/11

 9/13/2012 - Blowing everyone a kiss
 9/17/2012 - Browns attire

 9/24/2012 - Brenna's star of the week - Brenna worked very hard on this poster - I am glad she got to be one of the first to go or we would have probably ended up with more than one poster - she was ready to put it together as soon as her teacher sent home the assignment :-)
 9/25/2012 - Getting pictures with Daddy and his Browns birthday cake that Brenna and I made...We are not the best cake decorators, but the cake tasted great and we had some fun making it :-) 
 so cute - Brenna and her daddy :-)
 Our little cake decorator and her cake :-)  I think she needs a better teacher - I am clueless when it comes to cake decorating...
 9/27/2012 - I loved this look when she went off to school.  She didn't come home with these in her hair - she said someone told her she looked like a cheerleader - I'm sure someday that comment won't bother her...:-)

 9/30/2012 - modeling the clearance clothes mommy found for her at Macy's.  I think she looks more like a cheerleader in this picture than she did in the last one even!!  She loves practicing her cartwheels, handstands, and splits.  I didn't realize for a long time what a little gymnast I had here!
 9/30/2012 - more of the new clothes - this top had a tiny little spot - we did some painting to cover it up and now Brenna doesn't like it.  I think I should have just ignored the spot....  Oh well, at least the to wasn't expensive. 
 9/30/2012 - more bargains :-)
 10/3/2012 - she is looking so grown up!
 10/4/2012 - I love the braids :-)  She doesn't let me do that too often - she isn't patient enough.

 10/16 - new top from mommy and daddy's trip to Chicago.  No doll this trip - I'm sure we will be making a trip to Columbus when they add the store there next year though!  I think it will need to be a girl trip - Daddy was a little overwhelmed by this store!
 10/17/2012 - with the nice weather that came in mid-October Brenna asked for Justice to join us at the bus stop.  He got a little bit more exercise during those weeks.  He is not happy about this rainy weather and my lack of walking him in it!
 10/18/2012 - hmm - should we start counting how many days from her that the cupcake tattoo stays on?  She isn't letting me take it off!!
 10/19/2012 - Brenna says this one was "Best Day Ever"  When asked why, because her best friend was at school that day.  I love that we started the outfit with the argyle socks and matched everything to them - so cute!!  One of my favorite school outfits this year :-)  (Of course, the socks didn't come home still pulled up to the knee - wonder how long they lasted?)

 10/19/2012 - Our little Minnie Mouse for the winter - so cute!!!  I did find out this week that the cats are out to destroy the mouse ears - wonder how it will look by the end of winter??
 10/19/2012 - wig that came with Madagascar movie - I love it :-)
 10/19/2012 - some new tops.  I tried to make her Halloween costume stuff something that she will wear again - these are the tops I bought to go with the Ice Cream girl costume.  She wore the sweater with the skirt to school this week, but I think the top with the sparkles under it ended up being worn with the cat costume as some point :-)
 giggly girl (can you tell she just showed me her belly?  she couldn't believe I would snap a picture of that!)

Hope all is well out there!  I have been confused all day today on what day it was (I woke up thinking it was Friday - yeah - only too bad for me it is only Thursday!!).  Then, I started to write my time notes for work and wrote the wrong month and day - twice!!  I think after I woke up things went a little smoother (although I was in charge of the conference call this morning and forgot to charge my cell phone - at least the call was short - tomorrow is a new day!).
Hope you enjoy our pictures from the last several weeks.  I have taken quite a lot of pictures but I struggle to even get these pictures from the camera to the computer these days!  Above you can see that we celebrated Dustin's birthday (we took pictures early since Brenna had dance practice all night on the actual day) and Brenna's Star of the Week.  Brenna was so excited about being Star of the Week - she got to do all the special things in the class (such as line leader, every game first, and she also got to deliver papers to the office) and she presented her poster about herself.  I was surprised how long it took for us to do the poster together, but she was very proud of how her poster looked.  She was also very excited that I drove her to school that morning and she didn't have to ride the bus.  We seem to be getting out the door later and later as the weather is changing - most mornings she is still in the bathroom getting ready when we see the bus enter the neighborhood.  We were running so late today I thought I was going to have to go to the bus stop in my PJs!!
Another amusing story from recently - I bought some new wintery type air freshner spray here - I didn't realize how much Brenna liked it.  She started spraying it in the air and twirling around under the spray like perfume.  I have now bought her some of her own perfume (Cotton Candy) so that she wouldn't keep smelling like air freshner :-)  I guess there are worse things to smell like!
Well, that is all for now - Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Wow! great pics..Mom, and Brenna! You are growing up so much!