Sunday, December 23, 2012

Miscellaneous pics Nov. and Dec.

November 20th - love the knee highs :-)
 Below - November 27th
 Below - November 28th
 Below, November 29th - dance pose :-)
 Below, November 30th
 Below, December 7th
 Below - Brenna with her beloved cat Sissie!
 Can you tell this is the cat Brenna likes to hold the most :-)
 below, December 10, 2012 - The skirt was the practice design for Brenna's dance group this year...I hope all the girls love the costume this year (but it will be the last time I do group costumes - my sewing machine and time schedule just don't work for it)...

 Below, December 17th - I love the leggings with the shorts :-)
 Afternoon outfit on the 17th...
 Brenna does love her kitty
 The new balloon face toy for the cats (it was really Brenna's balloon, but the cats have taken it over)
 below, December 18th
 below, December 19th
 Peace - December 20th
 oops - my pictures are out of order here - this one was November 5th :-)
 November 6th
 November 6th (Pom-Pom class)
 November 7th
 afternoon dress-up on the 7th
 so fancy...

 November 9th - no school - parent-teacher conference... Brenna had to dress-up to go to her old preschool :-)
 Pom-Pom Performance night
 November 15th
 November 17th
 hmm- another camera and more out of order - November 14th :-)
 November 15th
 Brenna's Christmas dress - November 17th

 November 27th
 November 30th
 My parents new cat - he is very laid back and my dad's new baby
 December 6th
 Dustin's work Christmas party - December 15th


mikaysmom said...

Um...there are so many pictures here, I would love to see a collage of them from the start to end of the school year to see how she's!