Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday, February 24

 Brenna has been really working on her splits here lately - they are really improving all the time!  I can't believe how flexible she is now and how unflexible I am.
 Brenna's dance studio had Spirit Week this week - can you tell the colors are green, purple, and black??? I was impressed that she let me put some face paint on her - she was originally against it.
 I modified Dustin's t-shirt from the recital last year that I shrank - perfect use for this :-)
 (Brenna got her ears pierced last weekend - sorry it didn't make it on the blog, but I did put an update on facebook about it, lol).  She is ready to change earrings already (who isn't when they first get them done).  She is doing a really good job cleaning them so far.
 She looks good with purple Easter eggs on her face - don't you think?!??
 working on her splits again
 1st Dance Competition of 2013.   Brenna's group did a really good job.  She was exhausted at the end of the day and slept all the way home...

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there!!  Things have been very busy here getting ready for Brenna's first dance competition.   Brenna's dance group did very well - it will be exciting to see if they improve in their next two competitions they have this year.  I need to learn how to be calmer on these dance days - they stress me out! 
Brenna's dance studio also had spirit week this past week - Brenna looked great in Dustin's redesigned t-shirt from the dance recital last year.  I think she was the most excited about this years spirit day outfit - guess I will need to keep that in mind next year!!
Brenna is really enjoying her gymnastic and dance classes this year.  They moved her up in the gymnastics so that was really exciting for her - she loves that they actually have went on the "real" balance beam now.  I can't believe my living room has become such a "practice gym" for her!  She loves to practice her hand stands, cart wheels, and splits every day.
Brenna loves to write the words - mom, dad, and love right now - I will probably look back on these papers some day and treasure them - she also likes to add Mickey mouse ears to the 'o' in mom and love - super cute!!
Well, that is about all for this evening - Take Care!