Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The end product

Thought you all might enjoy a picture of the end product - Brenna really enjoyed putting the decoration on top of the cupcakes. I'm not sure how many M&M's she ate, but she did a good job putting them on the cupcakes too. When they say melts in your mouth and not in your hand, I don't think they had a 2 year old in mind - but then again I think her hands were pretty clean - it was her face covered in chocolate :-)

The cupcakes are in the silicone cupcake holders that are bears - they work really well for making the cupcakes. Thanks Patti for the gift - we will be thinking of you each time we are baking with these :-)

Last day of September

Hello everyone!

We had a very busy day yesterday with cleaning (more still putting our stuff away), German class, and gym class for Brenna.
Most of our stuff is finally put away - just need to get some storage solutions from IKEA for the remainder. The gym class was good for Brenna. They set out kid friendly items with a small trampoline, the balance beam, and wood benches for the kids to walk on. They also had a carpet with balls underneath for the kids to walk along. These were all set up in a square. Brenna wasn't so much interested in the items set up in the square as she was with the balls on the outside. The girl loves balls - she will carry them around, chase them, try to dribble them (both with hands and feet), and try to shoot them. Hopefully, she will have a lot more coordination than I do.
Brenna and I got up and baked this morning - made crepes for lunch (something new :-) and muffins for dessert this evening.
Here are a couple pictures - from bedtime last night and from baking today. I can't believe how fast she got flour on her nose :-)

Take care!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

View from the top

The landscape is really beautiful living near the Black Forest. Here is a picture of a look-out that is a 30 minute walk from our apartment.
That is Justice and my arm in the picture - lucky for me that he pulled me up the hill that day :-) Poor Dustin had to push the stroller.

They say on a clear day, you can see all the way to France (which isn't too far as it is only 30 miles away).

Brenna's Kiddie Kandid - 2 years

Just thought I would share Brenna's Kiddie Kandid shots from a "few" weeks ago - sorry we have been without our computer to share earlier. They did a great job as usual :-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pics that I learned to do from my photo class

I've been really wanting to try this effect and I think it turned out pretty cool :-)

Our little shopper

Can you tell that she put the shoes on herself ????
Brenna looks like she is ready to go out shopping for the day (other than the extra layers since it is cold here :-)

Brenna being silly

Our little ham - she likes to look at what pictures she took on the camera now :-)

Latest Update

Hello all!!!

The computer is finally here :-) (and the internet is finally working ;0)

We are doing very well here - keeping busy and getting into our new schedules. Dustin has already had his first trip to England - nice that he got to go on a trip just for a party :-)

I have German class twice a week and it is going pretty well for having Brenna to occupy during the time as well. Brenna really likes the German teacher which is great. We have started with a playgroup once a week and Brenna really likes that. They had a kitchen they brought out last week - our little baker was very busy with that :-)

We are going to have a "gym" class for Brenna and I once a week as well as well as music classes so that should help with being social, learning German, and play time for Brenna.

The shopping is great here, there is some food that you can't find (as I've already whined to some friends), but overall the food is all really good. The fruit is all really fresh and I think for the most part locally grown. We have 3 Bakeries within in a close walking distance - this has not been good for me (I am such a carb addict - I can't believe how good all the bread and sweets that we have had over here are) :-)

The people we have met have all been really nice so far. They are all super nice to Brenna - I think she gets some kind of treat at every local shop that we go to.

Well - it is getting late, but here are a few recent pictures including the cake that I made for Brenna's birthday, Brenna being silly and some pictures from the area.

Take care and I'll post again soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our stuff comes this week :-)

I'm on a borrowed computer today - but for anyone waiting for our first blog from Germany here it is. Not going to be a long one - but things are going well here.

Brenna is doing well - I should have some really silly pictures next week to post - she is becoming quite the little ham...

Take care and I will post again sometime this weekend :-)