Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday, May 21

So, today's pictures are Brenna with the characters (sorry for all the repeats - I couldn't decide on some favorites - so I posted them all, lol (plus, Dustin and I both had cameras in a lot of the situations - so double the pictures there too)). Below - Ariel and Prince Eric. All the princesses commented on Brenna's dress, so she felt pretty special in it the first day.

Brenna loved the mice (and she loved the noses too)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things are good here. The weather has been pretty rainy since we got home, so lots of indoor time for Brenna and I, but the weather is suppossed to start improving today. Dustin leaves for his next trip on Sunday and will be gone for the whole week - what a bummer there (for us anyways).
It has been good snail hunting weather though, so Brenna has enjoyed that on our walks to and from school. She helped with washing the dishes yesterday (or rather had lots of fun playing in the bubbles), but other than that, we have been pretty lazy here lately. I am trying to work with Brenna more on her numbers and letters - the only letter she seems to really know right now is the B, but I'm sure she will pick up more of them soon.
I have German class shortly this morning, so not much writing today (but, there are a ton of pictures :o)
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! Oh.. she is just to cute and growing into a little princess her self! I am glad you guys had a great trip...

And I would say GREECE... if you have not been there already! Even though that is by plane.. I would go for Greece... (but it may be getting to hot there now..) so if that is the case second choise would be... sweden or finland Enjoy your last big trip.. :o).. We are excited to have you come back to USA!

mikaysmom said...

Go with what joy said and take an awesome trip to Greece. I don't think you've been there yet! Love all the pics! She's jus so precious and she will remember this for a long time!