Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday, May 24

Some views from the parks - here are our last pictures from Disney today (hmmm - only had a "few" favorites, lol). I'm trying to get some video up this morning too - hope it works :-)

The park during the magic hours - oh, so nice (below)
The restraunt for the Princess Luncheon below - I think we all agreed it was worth it - good food and princesses and princes - what could be better?? (except for cotton candy - that is what Brenna kept wanting to eat the whole meal).
Tower at Sleeping Beauty's castle
Another view with the magic hours - not many people out early :o) Brenna loved it - she rode all her favorite rides twice in the morning!

Views from the parade - Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip
Beauty and the Beast
Tiana (it was hard to get a good picture of Tiana - they always had them in a shady spot and I never adjusted my camera right for it (I think I had to try to take some of the shadow away in all the pictures in photoshop)). But, they looked really good and were really nice when we did the group picture (although Brenna was much more reserved the second day with the characters than on the first day).
Cinderella and her prince
Another of Sleeping Beauty and Prince
Snow White and her prince
Some dancers - I just loved this guys smile :-)
Hmm - this guy's expressions just didn't quite live up to the other guys...
Woody and Jessie - we never even made it over to their side of the park - Brenna had too much fun in Fantasyland
Toy Story
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Today are our last pictures from Disney (and hopefully some video as well). Our spot for the parade was great - we had a view of all the dances and Brenna loved seeing all the characters - I'm sure I heard "look mom, look mom" several dozen times during the parade. We had such a great time, we may have to go back for one more day before we leave - hmm - who knows! Dustin flew to the US yesterday - not sure how his flight was, but it was on-time, so hopefully traffic was light and he made it to Chippewa Lake in good time. Brenna is going to have Daddy withdrawl this week - she was ready to come home from our walk yesterday afternoon and see him....
It was a pretty quiet day here yesterday (Brenna was a little grumpy yesterday, so we just went to the park and then on our walk with Justice). Maybe we will go out today, just depends on how Brenna is feeling today... Brenna wore her adorable pink dress to the park yesterday, but wouldn't let me photograph her at all. She is much more interested in others taking her picture than in me taking her picture at the moment, bummer... Brenna has decided to be my dishwasher here lately - she loves helping with all the dishes :-) (or playing with the suds and water - but at least things are getting clean).
Anyways - here are some videos from our trip:
Brenna's room tour - (I found this funny)
It's a Small World (part 2) -
It's a Small World (part 3) -
Well, that is it for this morning! Take Care!