Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1

o.k. - I know there is no smile on Brenna in this picture - but isn't it a great face for the background???

Brenna loving her Uncle Steven...
Adoring her Uncle Steven...
Brenna and Isabel before trick-or-treating in our neighborhood (the kids got a ton of candy...) (Brenna decided to wear the adorable dress that Dustin's parents bought for her - I wish she would have let me take a full length shot - the dress is so cute on her).
One of the piles of candy on the floor after trick or treating (this was Anthony's and he sorted out his favorite - the Nestle Crunch bars).
Brenna and I decided an afternoon at the zoo would be fun today. The animals were all enjoying the cooler weather. Brenna enjoyed feeding the penguins today (the winter activity at the zoo since the Carousel and the train are closed for the season - we were bummed about the Carousel - but Brenna loved feeding the penguins - even if her hands did smell fishy after, lol).
The snow leopard was right at the glass today - can you see how close Brenna was to him??

the tiger also was coming right up to the glass today...

Brenna loves climbing the wall after the jellyfish at the zoo. Don't you just love her outfit choice for the day? She had to go dressy since she is loving her new glitter shoes...
modeling her earrings that I found when I cleaned up my craft room this weekend. We almost have all the rooms unpacked now...
At least they did have one carousel animal that Brenna could sit on today....

She really wasn't in the mood to model our new chef hat today - I made a smaller size today (I made what the pattern called the kids small yesterday - it fits my head, not exactly right for my 4 year old... I think my resize is much better for kids)
Hello All!!!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween out there (and happy belated birthday to Brayden - hope you had a great day!).
Brenna had a chance to dress up several times for Halloween (so much that she was tired of the Tiana costume I made her :-(
She wore the purple dress (that I made her for the May visit to Disney) on Thursday to preschool (and or course she wanted me to wear my matching one - what great attire for cleaning the house in, lol). I had her wear the Tiana costume on Saturday for trick-or-treating at Dustin's parents. She wasn't quiet sure about trick-or-treating there, but had a fun time handing out the candy and then playing with the grandparents, Steven, Margee and Kingston. She really got into the trick-or-treating after going with Isabel and Shannon yesterday. Brenna said at the zoo today that she is ready to go again - too bad she will have to wait until next year now, lol.
Today, Brenna and I went to the zoo after we did some bathroom cleaning this morning. Brenna enjoyed feeding the penguins (the zoo lets you buy fish for the penguins since the Carousel and the train are closed for the winter). The platform got a little crowded with some school kids when we fed them, but Brenna enjoyed throwing the fish into the water. We came home and played in the backyard a little bit - Brenna loves her swingset. She loved that our friends Carsten and Emma came up yesterday and enjoyed the swingset (but wasn't especially fond of sharing her inside toys).
My craft room is almost all put away (hmm - I am thinking with my clutter tendencies that it my be at its best - maybe I should take a picture now of what it should look like, lol).
Well, that is it for today!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna is catching on that Halloween is great fun! She sure is a treat for all us to see! Love the leopard pic, especially!

mikaysmom said...

I had to laugh, because the animals looked at brenna like she was a welcome snack in the pictures! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the nice cool weather at the zoo! Love the first look, she looked quite scared! I'm glad she had a good time trick or treating!!!