Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23

My sad doggy above.... Brenna below styling her new hair ties (and Renee - these really were fairly easy to put in :-) Also one of the new dresses we bought at the outlet mall on Sunday :-)

Our Christmas forest for Advent - I will be putting something under these 24 trees soon (although I think I will wait until the 30th - wonder how Brenna will do being patient with one tree a day :-) (the trees were really all supposed to be in green, but I decided to use the paper I had here in the house today - I don't think it is too bad - we even added some glitter glue and Brenna had fun playing with the paper and glitter glue :-) (I do think that Brenna's new favorite candy bar will have to go under some trees - her favorite chocolate from Halloween was by far the Kit Kats (which she calls Kitty Kats).
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. I just couldn't resist sharing Brenna's cute hair/outfit today and our little forest of trees.
Other than that really not too much going on. Yesterday morning, Brenna and I worked on cleaning the bathrooms and then we went to the stores in the afternoon. She did really well at the stores and was rewarded with a new chapstick at Target :-) (I was going to get it anyways - darn those dollar bins at Target having such cute stuff). Brenna is doing much better this week (bummer - no more naps again - a mom can hope that maybe we will have a few more, but no luck - but I am glad that she is feeling better). Today, Brenna had preschool and then we stayed in the rest of the day.
Well, that is all for now!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna, you look super sweet! I might even say delicious. Love the advent trees on your table, that will be fun!