Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24th

so, this post finally catches up on pictures from May and some pictures taken in June after Brenna's dance recital. Above, my mom and Brenna before the dress rehersal. Below, my beautiful birthday cake that Dustin's parents did for me - isn't it pretty!

Brenna and I playing in the backseat on the way to a wedding.

Daddy and Brenna at the hot outdoor wedding...

shortly after my birthday, Brenna's school had a face painting day - I did all the painting on the kids faces, but before we got there, we had to stop at all our railroad tracks (we cross 3 on the way to school each day) for these little "trains"

Brenna's class with all the face painting

I did Brenna's face at home before we went to school to save some time (which was a good thing as I finished all the kids shortly before lunch)

Last week when the weather was nice, Brenna and I went up to the Akron zoo. Brenna of course enjoyed the carousel, farm land, and the jelly fish wall the most. We also had our first experience with the touch tank being open - I think Brenna really enjoyed touching those animals...
giving the snow leopard a hug before we left...

Brenna after her first night of Acro classes - she loved all the tumbling. I didn't get any pictures, but Brenna also started hip hop classes this week. I think she will really enjoy having both of these classes this summer!

Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been good here - I am really surprised how fast June is flying by here!

Brenna had last week off from dance class, so we tried to fill our time in other ways (especially with Dustin being in Detroit all last week). We went to the zoo, made some homemade sidewalk chalk paint, took lots of walks, and had some friends over for the day. This week has been pretty quiet so far - lots of rain here this week (the weather has been so terrible this year, Brenna hasn't been in her new sand box at all :-(

Brenna is very excited that her preschool class gets to "perform" at the church's community event tomorrow. They have several songs that they will be singing - I will try to get either pictures/video of it - I'm sure it will be cute!

Speaking of cute sayings, I told Brenna last week that she was a bed hog - she woke up the next morning (she tends to crawl into our bed in the middle of the night these days) and asked if she was a hedgehog. It was really cute when she asked me about it!

Well, that is about it for now!

Take Care!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 12

wow - two days in a row with new blog posts!! Thought I would share some of our fun from Saturday (and I actually have some time to get a post up right now). Anyway - Brenna in her PJ's on Saturday morning looking cute above. Playing dress-up with Isabel below.

little Tinkerbell...

the girls enjoyed seeing themselves in the mirror with each costume change...

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader...
It was really great that my mom had a chance to visit for a few days (although they went too fast). On Saturday, we also tried a recipe we have been dying to make - a genuine Linzer torte (the recipe was from my German teacher) - it turned out great (and no surprise here for anyone who knows Dustin - one of these pie pans is already empty).

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! We are all recovering on our sleep schedules after Brenna's late night recitals. Yesterday, Brenna got to have one of her friends over for the afternoon - they had a great time playing together (even though Brenna got really tired at the end of the afternoon).

My mom and I also made a Linzer torte from my German teacher's recipe. It turned out really well (this time) :-)

We had a pretty quiet day here today. My mom went back home (we were all sad to see her go - come back and visit soon), Dustin and Brenna went to the grocery store, and we all took some walks around the neighborhood. I am hoping to be healthy here again soon - I have had a sore throat since Wednesday and my voice sounds kind of froggy right now.

Well, I think that is about all for now!

Take Care!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11th

Here is my adorable little dancer. Brenna had her dance recital on Thursday and Friday night (and dress rehersal on Wednesday) - she had a great time and really enjoyed being on stage. The pictures above and below were from before Friday nights performance. I love in the one below she was fanning herself.

showing off some faces...

gotta love Justice in the background...

Brenna spent the afternoon on Thursday and Friday with curlers in her hair - doesn't she look cute even with the curlers??!!

below - a picture from before opening night on Thursday...

Brenna's fans after the show...(aka - Daddy)

Brenna in her finale costume (she was very tired by this point on Thursday and Friday - way past her bedtime...)

Brenna and Divine Miss Gammy on opening night

Brenna and Papa on opening night

Brenna and mommy on opening night

Brenna's dance class with her teacher - Ms. Lindsay

Brenna's student assistant - Ms. Marli - she was also in the recital the last two nights - she helped out back stage and did a ton of dances too...

the owner of the Dance House - Ms. Amy

Brenna and Gammy Janice on Friday night

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I have been getting further and further behind with my blogging lately - I have several days worth of pictures to share, but I thought I would share the most recent - Brenna's dance recital. Brenna had lots of fun in her dancing class all year and did had a great time at the dance recital on Thursday and Friday night - (and she did a great job on stage too). Brenna participated in her class tap routine and also in the group finale. The girls all did a great job and the performances were a joy to watch.

Brenna has said this morning that being on stage was "Happy" - she really looked like she enjoyed herself up there.

Also, a special happy birthday wish to Papa Carpenter! Hope you have a great day!! We love you!

Well, that is all for now!

Take Care