Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31 Post 2

Brenna had an enjoyable week of princess camp last week. With the three days of camp, Brenna was able to dress up as Rapunzel, Tiana, and the Little Mermaid. On Thursday, the last day of their camp, the girls had a final performance for the parents and the older girls dressed up as princesses as well. Brenna during the dance...(above and below) - I loved that after the girls finished their dance Brenna advised me that I needed to clap :-)

Picture with the guest princess of the day (this is also Brenna's acro teacher Miss Tori)

The girls that helped at the camp all week (I think Brenna was looking at herself in the mirrors)

Yesterday evening, Brenna and I went to the first Princesses and Pirates night at the zoo. It was so warm, I made Brenna a new leotard with a princess crown in crystals on it and she wore an old skirt from one of her costumes and the crown they made at princess camp. The costume was great for enjoying the bouncy houses at the zoo.

she was all about posing...

I think her new summer hip hop classes has given her some new poses...

Brenna with the character at the zoo when we first got to the zoo

below saying good-bye to the frog on our way out the door

striking another pose (and Justice sneaking into the background)

I love the penguin below with the princess wand...

Brenna loved that some of the area princesses were at the event. First up, Brenna with Miss Akron International

with Miss Cuyahoga county (sorry she blinked and I only took one picture)

with Miss Teen Cuyahoga county

Hello All!!

So, I just had to share these pictures while Brenna and I are having some evening down time. Yesterday evening, Brenna and I went to the first Princesses and Pirates night at the zoo. Brenna had a great time and really loved the bouncy houses they had and the princesses that were in attendance. (and I have apparently overloaded her with the face painting - they had face painting at the zoo, but Brenna wasn't even interested (especially when she found out there was a line)).

Today, Brenna and I enjoyed some additional girl time with a movie (we went to the Smurfs - which we both enjoyed) and the outlet mall (to ride the train) and also finished the grocery shopping :-)

Brenna is also really enjoying playing with her Barbies right now (especially on skype if anyone is ever interested :-)

Well, that is about all for now!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna appears to be the coolest-looking princess out of all, a very good choice in attire! And what a pleasure to get pics with all the life-size princesses.!!