Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17

we've been making bows here lately (some as gifts - we gave some to her preschool and dance teachers last week - although I think the ones I made yesterday were more fancy ones). I thought I would get to keep this "Browns" bow for my winter hat this year, but looks like someone else loves it and looks adorable in it. Brenna wore the Browns outfit to school today and looked super cute in it :-) Anyway, Brenna did some bow "modeling" for me yesterday - she loved playing model and me having a different voice to be the photographer... For the Browns outfit -she decided to make it even more sporty with some "gum" in her mouth (that is what is between her teeth below)

hmm - this is usually how daddy feels by mid-season with the Browns... (below)

the picture below just says Brenna to me - what a little star :-)

not sure where these looks all came from, but she was sure having fun with it

such a little diva

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. It has been a crazy August here so far. I started a new contract job this month and while the hours haven't been highly demanding yet, it is still an adjustment after not working for 3 years. I really hope this opportunity goes well as I will be working from home and working for the boss I worked for before we moved to Germany (and I always really enjoyed reporting to him :-).

Anyway, Brenna is counting down to her birthday - she can not wait to be 5. Although she said this morning she is also ready to be 10 - I do think she is 5 going onto a teenager...I tried to tell her all the fun things to do with being 5 - hopefully she will think of those, but I'm sure she is going to grow up quickly...

Brenna's summer dance classes have come to an end (they finished last week). Brenna said last week she was ready for the break, but then yesterday evening she was sad that she doesn't have class tonight. Hopefully, when classes start again, she will have fun with both of her classes, but I do think the acro class will be her favorite for the year. She was tumbling around in the basement all evening on Monday. We made her teachers some rice heating pads (or I these are also great in the freezer too) - I added lavender for the first time to the bags, so hopefully they work great for them (I kept the first one I made for now - it is in the freezer and is great to put over my eyes at the end of a long day).

Brenna and I went to her school Carnival over the weekend - she had loads of fun and was very excited that she won the door prize and brought 2 goldfish home (although one is already no longer with us - uh, oh). I am so bummed that I forgot my camera - Brenna sat in the firetruck, sprayed the fireman hose, and got to put a fireman hat and coat on - so cute. Hopefully, I can get the pictures from her teacher.

Dustin competed in the Vermilion tri

The swim was in Lake Erie and they had some major waves, so I am very glad that he finished the swim safely.

Well, that is about all I can think of for now!

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

well on your way to making bows for all the little girls, so cute and what a great little model! I love the faces she makes! That water looked choppy to me, so glad he made it!

heathmamagam said...

So, we all hope Brenna and all young children can have tons of fun while they are growing and learning about this big world. so happy that she has given in to the photo babe in her! Great bows, Mom!