Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 23

so, in case anyone noticed the black mark on Brenna's hand in her 5 year pics, it originally was a lemur stamp at the zoo - it had a lot of ink and smeared pretty quickly, but looked good at the start...Brenna has now ridden an animal on the zoo carousel from every continent (we picked up the paper last year about riding an animal from each continent, so it only too us about a year to complete...)

One of Brenna's birthday gifts - bubble guns. These are super cool and we found them at Cracker Barrel (just be sure to buy batteries :-)

wow, look at all those bubbles

hmm - where did she learn to be so super spy like??

hmm - maybe I need to reload...

awesome cake made by Divine Miss Gammy :-)

Brenna and Uncle Steven... they played very hard all afternoon.

Brenna and Papa

Brenna got some amazing new gifts - including some new clothes - here she is having a fashion show for Dustin and I with all her new outfits...

Brenna also got a new doll named Nicholas - he along with Mr. Poppers (her new penguin friend) have visited preschool this week.

Brenna wore this cute outfit below to school on Monday - she looked so cute with her tennis shoes and hair bow - Brenna decided she looked like a cheerleader - very cute!

such a cute little model

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Just thought I would take a quick minute and add some pictures from Brenna's birthday to the blog. Brenna had loads of fun at her party and received some amazing new gifts - clothes, Barbie clothes, Barbie and Nicholas dolls, a stuffed animal, books (which we have read all of them now - my personal favorite is a book from Dustin's parents called I Had a Favorite Dress - love, love this book :-), a puzzle, and some other goodies :-) (I will send out the thank you cards after I get her new pictures back on the 2nd of Sept. just in case anyone wonders :-)

It will be another crazy week here - my work is picking up a little bit and Dustin flys off today for Germany again. Hopefully, the week will go by quickly and Brenna and I will find plenty to occupy ourselves. Brenna is ready for dance and acro classes to start up again - I think she was glad to have one week off, but 3 is getting a little long for her - only 2 more weeks until classes start again...

Well, that is about all I have time for today!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, that's quite the bubble gun there, Brenna! You are so interesting to see your expressions. And certain photos show a very mature-looking little diva. That is surely a special cake, Miss Gammie! Looks tasty and delicious!

mikaysmom said...

what a cool feat to have ridden all those animals on the carosel! she's going to be one styling girl this year! Love the bubble guns, they look like so much fun! Thanks for sharing and was the cake as good as it looked?