Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26

so over the weekend our town had a Halloween Harvest Festival that included a pet costume parade. We dressed up Justice like Air Bud and took him up town (plus with my limited time, some face paint and one of Brenna's shirts was all I had time for). He still got plenty of comments on how cute he was even though he didn't win anything in the pet costume contest (I think he was happy with all the attention he got anyway). The face paint was just the water based stuff that I have been using - I'm impressed it went on Justice's fur so easily.

Can't you hear Justice's plea - "oh, please, dad - let me go play with everyone here - I'll be good - I promise..."

Brenna in the army vehicle they had at the festival

inside the back of the army vehicle

Looking a little fluffy here - but oh, so cute!

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - hoping the time goes somewhat fast the next few days as Dustin is away in Detroit. Brenna has dress-up week at dance this week. She doesn't want to wear the same costume at every event - so it should be interesting to see all of her outfit choices by the end of the month. Yesterday we sprayed her hair pink, she wore the tank dress I made her at Christmas, her silver leggings from this years Halloween costume and some new pink leg warmers.

Well, we have to get ready for school!!!

Take Care


heathmamagam said...

Yay!! Justice is so cute, he is the one to make me smile from the pics. Cute team family!