Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catch-up Post 1 - Mikayla's Birthday

Wow - my summer has flown by here!  Brenna had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday - she was so excited to leave the house we were at the bus stop 20 minutes early :-)  She asked this morning if she had to go to school again, but after she got moving, she was ready to go :-)

First up - Mikayla's 7th birthday.  Mikayla had an owl theme this year - my very talented sister did cupcakes and a cute cake. 

 self pics of Brenna and I and my mom and I :-)

 I brought my face painting supplies - Brenna, my mom, Renee, and I all had our face painted, but Mikayla decided she wasn't interested.
 so cute!!

 My sister, mom, and grandma