Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catch-up Post 6 - Brenna's 1st Birthday celebration

 hmm - I think Brenna believes she is going on 16, not 6...  Below, Brenna and Uncle Steven at the go-carts after lunch. 
 Brenna's 1st ice cream cake this year (she had three - we were only going to do two, but the first one I ordered was too big for us to transport to Columbus - oops).

 Having fun driving with Uncle Steven :-)
We celebrated Brenna's birthday a week before with Dustin's family in Columbus.  Brenna enjoyed the meal before and then some time putt-putt golfing and riding the go-carts after.  It was a really nice weather day after all the hot weather we have had this summer.  Brenna did a much better job this year with the putt-putt golfing - she figured out how to hold the club and really worked to get it in the hole :-)  If Brenna gets a chance to go to this place in Columbus again soon, she would really like to do the indoor climbing area....