Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, December 7

Hello All,
I figured I would post a couple of pictures from Germany in Amanda's absence. It is really quiet here without Brenna and Amanda and kind of boring. It is amazing how much our lives revolve around those things and when they are gone is when you notice. Today, I went to Baden-Baden to walk around, need something to do to pass the time. When I returned I went up into the black forest to run at Lake Mammelsee. Lake Mammelsee is 1,000 meters in altitude (3,000 feet) and there was a very clear line on the way up where the snow line was. There was about a foot and half of snow there and no snow where we live. It is amazing how different it is in just a 10 minute drive. I ran up to 1,100 meters (3,300 feet) and the oxygen content was real low making it a challenging run (plus the 12%grade). It was an enjoyable workout and beautiful. Well, I look forward to being in the US to see all.