Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21

Hello All!!!

Well, the words of the last few days were delays, detours, and cancellations, but luckily Dustin made it to his parents late last night. The weather caused him horrible trouble flying into Detroit - both his possible flights on Friday were cancelled due to the weather. He had a detour in Bangor, Maine where they didn't let them off the plane at all before getting to NY and JFK airport. Once at JFK - he stood in line for hours only to find out that he was stuck in NY overnight (unless as an exhausted passenger he wanted to drive back - I didn't think much of that idea). So, after an overnight in NY - he stood in more lines for stand-by to Columbus. Boo to Delta for all the trouble and lack of help they provided to him. He said yesterday that he never encountered so many rude Delta employees who were not helpful. The roads driving home last night were covered in ice - which made for an interesting drive. I certaintly looked like a grandma behind the wheel as I had it gripped very tightly (and I felt like I was in the windshield the whole time in Dustin's truck). Dustin's luggage is lost currently - no clue when it will finally show up :-(

But, on more positive notes - he is here safely and Brenna is enjoying her time with him immensely (as well as with her Gammy and Papa Carpenter). She got to open her presents from them this morning - they picked the best gifts for her. The kitchen set is bound to keep her busy all day today :-) I will try to get pictures posted soon - it will be the best toy for her (too bad it can't come to Germany :-(

Well, that is all for now - Take Care!