Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, December 14

Hello All!
I feel the need to keep posting when I can for any "loyal" blog followers :-) Brenna and I are doing well in the States and made it over to Dustin's parents this weekend. They have spoiled both of us rotten - I'm not sure how we will adjust to our first month back in Germany after all this Grandparenting :-)
Brenna is enjoying the attention immensely - she didn't have a great nap today as we were out shopping - but she is still behaving pretty well :-) I'm sure after all of our shopping and Christmas that we will have some very full suitcases to take back home :-) I'm glad that Dustin will be there for that trip...
Hopefully, I will get some pictures posted around Christmas - but none for now. I'm going to have to give Dustin a hard time that we aren't getting any pictures from him in Germany :-)
Well, take care!