Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday, February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

Our cake from Friday - isn't our decorating a mess (or a bunch of fun for a 3 year old, lol). Below, a couple pictures from Brenna today - her Valentine's gift from us - a Sponge Bob Squarepants magazine (in German).

Brenna cut my head off on purpose here - she knew it wasn't going to be there before she took the picture - but it still made me smile, so I thought I would share it here. She took so many pictures today that the card is full - I am going to need to clean it off before the Carnival parade here in town tomorrow.
I made 3 new tops this weekend - the top above, and the blue top below (they are the same pattern).
I made a matching top for Brenna too (I have one in the works for the bright blue, but need to do some additional work there as I am running low on the matching fabric). So, I bribed Brenna with "face-painting" to get some pictures - she has circles on her cheeks and blue eye shadow on (hey, I think it is a good way to use up some free samples, lol). Brenna holding me off as I tried to kiss her...

Brenna didn't get out of her PJ bottoms today - guess they were comfortable for a day inside...
I think Brenna was ready to eat all the frosting here (she left the cake behind on her piece later on...)

"Mom, I don't want to be in the picture, I just want cake..."

Hello all!!
Hope you are having a great Valentine's day out there :-) Things are good here - I have been busy making some projects this weekend (I made 3 new tops) and Dustin has been great with playing with Brenna (thank you so much honey - that was very thoughtful of you :-)

It seems I have been a little bit more klutzy lately - fell down the stairs on Friday (lucky for me, I have plenty of padding in the spot that I fell and was just sore on my bottom, lol) and then spilled my cup at the table today (I was lucky there that it was just water). (hmm - maybe I had just had a string of good luck with my natural klutzy tendency - Dustin is usually more worried about me falling and hurting myself than Brenna, lol).
Dustin and I picked up some chocolate for each other for Valentine's day - after that I am going to try to cool it on the sweets for a little while - even all my walking I can't catch up with all the sweets we have been eating in our house lately! (aka - the jeans are starting to fit tighter...)
So, I decided to wear my new tops today - just layered with a long sleeve underneath - at least I feel like it is a little taste of sunshine in this snowy winter weather. Tomorrow is the Carnival parade here in our town. It will be interesting to see Brenna's reaction this year - she is much more aware of everything going on here than last year.
Well, take Care!!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna, cake! Amanda, you are a good model and a wonderful stitcher, the blue looks good on you. Face painting rocks!