Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday, February 25

Our yummy cinnamon rolls from yesterday - don't they look delicious??? (The second picture was taken by Brenna (I lifted her up to take the picture) - she did a pretty good job didn't she??) (o.k., I can see in the picture now that I needed to cook them a little more (which I did do), but they still taste really good (and poor Dustin came home and ate the doughy one last night since I didn't warn him not to eat that one!))

My new yoga bag - don't you love the Amy Butler "Love" fabric (hmm, to me I think the name is making more sense since I do "Love" the fabric).
Brenna modeling my bag and her bag :-) ( wanted to her to hold both for a picture, but she prefered to do one at a time) (we did do our daily yoga after the pictures - if anyone is looking for a good workout video that can be done with a toddler, I highly recommend the Parents Magazine Mommy and Toddler fitness video (I found mine at Target - but it wasn't in the video section, just at one of the end of the aisles) - it is fun for the kids (even when they are a little older) and good bonding time too (and a good workout for mom too))

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are going pretty well here. Yesterday, we had really nice weather so we did get out a few times for walking/running with Justice. I am crossing my fingers that the weather will be nice today as well - it is much more appealing to go out with Brenna when I don't have to bundle up so much. They closed Brenna's kindergarten for this week due to a bad stomach virus going around (Wednesday thru Friday) - we are trying out some new indoor activities with that cancellation (sounds like from my German teacher that we are lucky not to have caught that one too as it is much worse than the one we had). On Tuesday, I bought some shaving cream for Brenna to play with in the bathtub. I hadn't really expected her to coat me with it on Tuesday, but I should have guessed that skin was more appealing than anything else to put the stuff on. Yesterday, I limited the shaving cream to just Brenna in the bathtub (hmm, I would much rather have her smell like her shampoo than shaving cream (and me too), but I think she only has about one more day of cream left now).
We also made up some more cinnamon rolls - yummy! (although I think I am going to have to space my batches of these much further apart, my weight loss/exercise isn't going to go anywhere with all this baking). (I will admit that I didn't bake them long enough - the center came out too doughy, but from my success on my first batch here, I do know how to fix it for the next batch...(the reason I took them out too early on the second batch was because I thought the first batch was a little over done on the top, but maybe 3rd time will be a charm when I make these - I really like the honey/brown sugar topping that I put on the 2nd batch)).
Brenna and I made some neat artwork yesterday - we made some "fireworks" out of paper cupcake holders and then she did a paper collage (oh, how I wish I would have given her real glue to put it together, I'm a little worried that as soon as I pick it up, it will all fall apart since she used her glitter glue (which is more like paint) to stick the paper on). (I think I will let her try a new collage today with glue this time :-)
Brenna helped really well with walking/running Justice yesterday (although I think she will really miss the downhills here when we move back to the US - that is her favorite part about the running!). It was nice here yesterday - about 50 and sunny, Brenna even found a small flower at the park - maybe spring is just around the corner??
I think today's activities will include some finger painting, but I need to get the laundry all done first.
Well, gotta go! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Yum, yum and love, love the new yoga bag. Sounds like you guys are staying active and having some fun. I hope the weather keeps holding out for you!

heathmamagam said...

The buns look yummy, and you did such a good job on you and Brenna's yoga bags. Might say they are delicious, too!