Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday, February 4

My Quickcam pic of my new top - I was going to have Brenna take a picture today, but it just didn't happen! (this was one of my new Amy Butler patterns - I gave it to thumbs up - what do you think???)

Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there!!! Things are good here (although we had quiet the emotional afternoon/evening - after the 5 minute tantrum, I decided it was off to bed for Brenna (or off to the looney bin for mommy)). Dustin has had customers in town both last week and this week (and thank goodness he didn't get a full case of the stomach bug - just uneasy stomach) - so Brenna and I have been on our own several evenings (and cabin fever has set in - we made the pizza on Tuesday, Pretzel animals on Wednesday, and giant cupcakes today (to celebrate February birthdays) - this is not helping with my spring/summer wardrobe fitting me!). Yesterday, along with the pretzel animals (sorry no pictures - Brenna did a great job and really enjoyed making snakes this time - that was all we made though!), I made a new summer top for myself (yes, another one - I can't wait for summer!!). Today, we made the giant cupcakes - they look and smell yummy (but we didn't eat any of them yet - just "tasted" the frosting) (sorry, pictures tomorrow after we actually get to enjoy eating them!) (just in case you wondered, the 5 minute fit happened after I told Brenna that we were going to wait until tomorrow to eat the cupcakes - such a mean mommy!!)

Tomorrow, Brenna is supposed to have pajama day at school :-) I think she is also supposed to bring a pillow, so I made her a new cover this evening for one of her small pillows (it turned out so cute - hope she likes it even though it isn't pink...).
(have you noticed my profuse use of parenthesis lately??? I'm going to have to work on that - the sentences probably don't make any sense to anyone but me).
I am also very bummed that I bumped my ring (for probably the thousandth time) today and the soldering broke apart on the engagement ring and wedding band - I can't stand wearing them together without the soldering (with all the turning - it drove me nuts just from the grocery store till home) so I have one on each hand now - what a bummer!!


heathmamagam said...

Are you the meanest mom? hope these stressful episodes come to a screeching halt! Top looks good, you should get a lot of good wear out of it. (I will be making your Other new top pattern here! ha)

mikaysmom said...

Like the new top. Who would have known that cute orange color was going to be used for a cute top! Like it!!! Evidently, you get the parenthesis use from mom(see her post above! LOL) We understand you and all your parenthesis talk! I understand how stressful it can be sometimes with a three year old! Just remember to breathe and you are an awesome mommy! Sometimes you just have to be tough! Love you!

mikaysmom said...

By the way, I have loved the meanest mom the last few days. At least we know that we aren't the only ones who have daily trials!

Tracy S said...

SEXY shirt - I love it! You look great!