Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday, May 23

Not so sure about Brenna's grimace above - she even asked me what she was doing with her face, but it was our "best" self picture of the days... Brenna with the cleaners from Monsters, Inc.

Our second day in the park had beautiful blue skies (and we had our extra hours pass - so nice!)

At Walt Disney Studios

In "It's a Small World" playarea for kids

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. The weather is nice here today, but Dustin is already on his way to the airport :-( Hopefully, I will find plenty to keep Brenna and I busy over the next few days (ahem - week, lol). (maybe we will even use the public transportation to go to the zoo - Brenna loves riding the trains and buses). Brenna has a school holiday on Monday, so it is like we have 2 more days to our weekend now... (we could have had the car here, but I decided it wasn't worth it as Brenna will enjoy riding the public transporation more than driving anywhere in the next week).
We went to the start of a 10K bike and running race here in our town yesterday - it was all heading directly up hill (Dustin said there was an 800 meter elevation change in the 10K - although some of the hills are very gradual, some are steep - I'm not sure which is worse). After the race, we went for some ice cream and then had a trip to the mall later in the day for Dustin's haircut.
Well, I think that is it for my morning - I think I am going to go try to bike before Brenna wakes up :-)
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

You Lucky Ducks, Disney looks like a blast! And, I think I am in love with a princess named Brenna. What wonderful memories...