Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13

Hello All!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but with Dustin's busy schedule and our computer internet outage this weekend (it crashed on Saturday and Dustin finally got it working this morning), we just didn't have an opportunity before now.

Our weather here has been rainy all week - good for my morning crafting, but bad for any outdoor activity with Brenna (it even rained so much the one day that I let her ride home in the Chariot stroller - not a frequent occurrence here). I am busy working on finishing things to send back with Dustin (he travels to the US at the end of the month for business) - I don't think I will have finished as much as I like, but oh, well... I finished Brenna's I Love You Quilt top - can't wait till it has the quilting done too (although that won't be until after we are back in the US - it is one of the projects that I am sending back with Dustin to make some more room here :-)
Hope all the mothers out there had a very nice mother's day - we enjoyed a day of relaxation here and Dustin and Brenna "picked out" a very nice new necklace for me for the day (aka - we all went into the jewelry store and after I narrowed my selection, Brenna chose the one she liked the most - what a great way to shop :-)
I don't think I mentioned it before, but Brenna has a great sense of direction here in our town - she led me the day we walked home from the "Kindergarten" church (Brenna's kindergarten is affiliated with the church) - (actually, she was very insistent that we go her way and not mine - but I'm glad that we did go her way as it was shorter :-).
Well, I will try to get everything caught up soon - just thought I would do a quick post to say that the internet is working here again :-)
PS - we are off on another exciting trip on Monday - I think this will be Brenna's favorite, but who knows, lol!


The Bean's said...

have fun on your trip!!!

mikaysmom said...

okay, love, love your new quilt for her. Hope the weather gets better! love you!