Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27

so, here is my hair (new haircut) after being out in the humid weather today (above) Brenna and I having fun with the quickcam...

My hair when I got home from the salon - it looked just the way it was supposed to here. I think the guy who cut it did a really good job (should be interesting if I feel that way after washing and styling myself), but it is a real razor cut. (He also did a great head massage when he washed my hair - I am definitely going back for a cut before we come home even if I do think the cut price was high).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. We are kind of limping by today - I messed my back up this morning and am moving at snail pace (walking and standing seem to be the worst - once I'm sitting, I am fine and I hope when I lay down for bed tonight all will be well there too). I seriously considered keeping Brenna home and just trying to lay in bed all day, but I had made a hair appointment earlier this week (sad that I took the agony of walking to and from school just to get my hair cut - I pretty much lost pity points with you at this point, didn't I, lol). The walking actually did seem to help some, I think I am moving better than I did when I took Justice out this morning...The weather has been very wet on and off today - luckily, Brenna and I have missed the worst of it (although it down poured for about 20 minutes before I needed to pick up Brenna - there went my pretty straightened hair - back to some frizz...)

Anyway, Brenna and I played Simon Says on the walk to school today and that seemed to help with how slow I was walking and how much energy she had. We both wanted to ride the bus home from school, but we needed to wait an hour for the first bus to come take us home, so we ended up sitting for about 30 minutes before Brenna finally decided we would walk (at first, she was willing to wait (ie. - "Mom, I want to ride the bus - I don't want to walk" (watery eyes followed)), at this point, I said, fine we would wait until she was ready to walk home - I didn't think she would last as long as she did, but finally she said "Mom, lets just walk home"). We stopped for some hot dogs on the way home and then have been having a movie afternoon. Although, Brenna is also loving her new food that came today - we ordered Grilled Chicken, chocolates, and ice cream. She has been serving me all afternoon :-)

I was hoping to put up some video that I took yesterday of Brenna blowing milk bubbles (a new skill she learned yesterday ;o) but I can't seem to get the camera and the computer to recognize each other (and I am not climbing under the computer or bending over it today - sorry!). So, here is our fun with the Quickcam today (just pictures - and I thought I would show the before 30 minutes outside on the humid day and after, lol).

Take Care!