Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25

Brenna loving her bubble machine. It was 86 in our apartment today, so she wore her swimsuit all afternoon :-)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things are warm here, but a rain storm is coming through this evening that will cool things off for the next few days. Brenna and I enjoyed an ice cream treat on our walk home today - good thing it was almost gone before we got back to our warm apartment :-) (I am still working on trying all the flavours - my choice today would be a thumbs down - not something I would eat again, but it was a very pretty shade of light pink, lol). Brenna's class played outside at school today - her bangs have been soaked (with sweat) since then. After lunch, Brenna and I made some applesauce - I had a large number of apples that were too tart for my taste, so I thought that may be one of my healthier options. (Actually, Brenna played in the sink with soap and dishes - she loves to help "wash" stuff, I think she kept at it for about 30 minutes). For Justice's walk, Brenna had a chance to play with bubbles at the park and then we came home and played more on the balcony. (Justice looks so much better after his bath yesterday - I think I mentioned that Brenna and I gave him one - we wore our bathing suits which was a very good plan with our dog).
Brenna was excited to see Dustin on skype today - we are missing him - hope he is back with us soon!
I stopped on my way home today for a new pair of tennis shoes - boy was the cushion in the old ones gone - I didn't realize how bad they were until wearing the new pair today - my feet and knees feel much better.
Brenna and I also looked through her picture albums - it is amazing how fast our time keeps going - she is growing so fast...
Well, not too much else today, just did some cleaning this morning and trying to stay cool.
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Stay cool. her cheeks look so rosy! glad you were able to have some fun with it being so hot! how did the applesauce turn out?

DA&B said...

the applesauce was good - it has a strong clove flavor (go figure with 1/2 tsp of cloves, lol). Brenna enjoyed the making more than the eating ;o)

mikaysmom said...

ah, you will have to give mom and dad the recipe, you know how much he likes cloves! hope the weather gets a little cooler for you guys, this heat coming on so fast makes it hard to tolerate!