Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23

My sad doggy above.... Brenna below styling her new hair ties (and Renee - these really were fairly easy to put in :-) Also one of the new dresses we bought at the outlet mall on Sunday :-)

Our Christmas forest for Advent - I will be putting something under these 24 trees soon (although I think I will wait until the 30th - wonder how Brenna will do being patient with one tree a day :-) (the trees were really all supposed to be in green, but I decided to use the paper I had here in the house today - I don't think it is too bad - we even added some glitter glue and Brenna had fun playing with the paper and glitter glue :-) (I do think that Brenna's new favorite candy bar will have to go under some trees - her favorite chocolate from Halloween was by far the Kit Kats (which she calls Kitty Kats).
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. I just couldn't resist sharing Brenna's cute hair/outfit today and our little forest of trees.
Other than that really not too much going on. Yesterday morning, Brenna and I worked on cleaning the bathrooms and then we went to the stores in the afternoon. She did really well at the stores and was rewarded with a new chapstick at Target :-) (I was going to get it anyways - darn those dollar bins at Target having such cute stuff). Brenna is doing much better this week (bummer - no more naps again - a mom can hope that maybe we will have a few more, but no luck - but I am glad that she is feeling better). Today, Brenna had preschool and then we stayed in the rest of the day.
Well, that is all for now!
Take Care!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 21

hmm - I'm a little behind on my blogging (starting to be a once-a-week blog instead of a daily blog...). Above, Brenna and my mom having fun at the park together :-) Don't you love her sense of style??

Brenna was supposed to be showing my mom how to model below - can you tell she wasn't interested in being included in the picture, lol!

my little model finally came out today - I got to play photographer and she played superstar :-) (hmm, I think maybe it is the dress - I may have sequins all over my house, but I do believe I have a performer). In case you can't tell, Dustin and Brenna decided it was time for the Christmas tree to be up, so yesterday morning they got busy putting up the tree :-)
she loves the little red sweater that came with the Christmas dress from Rusty last year (in fact, she loves the dress and even wore it to preschool this week - she loves anything girly and sleeveless right now :-)

hugging the Grinch. Brenna and daddy watched the movie this morning together - she said this year that it didn't scare her :-)

lots of sun in my living room today :-)

Brenna's favorite shoes...
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Brenna came down with a cold the middle of last week, so not much to report here. I guess I should have known something was coming since we have had some afternoon naps here...
Brenna did help with the cleaning on Monday (our cleaning day - maybe one day Brenna will take these over for me - maybe I am dreaming a little too much, lol). Brenna went to preschool on Tuesday and Wednesday, but she didn't sleep well on Wednesday night and woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose, so we stayed home together. We did go out for some cold medicine and to pick up our mini-posters I ordered (Brenna's room is finally almost all together - now just to finish the curtains - I took some new pics of her room - I will try to share them soon!), but that was it. (We were very bummed to miss our afternoon at McDonald play area - especially as I told Brenna on Wednesday evening that we would go play with friends :-( Hopefully, we will be able to get together another time soon.)
With Brenna's cold medicine, she has slept well the past few nights and she is eating well, so I'm sure she won't be down long with the head cold. (although I question if she is ever really down - she always seems to have an abundance of energy, unlike me lately...). Brenna is also getting really good at her new board games - her two favorites are Chutes and Ladders and Candyland right now (and she has definetly figured out the object is to win and doesn't like to lose. Comically, when my sister called the other day, we were playing one of the games and I won - Brenna looked at me and said "Good Job" and then ran away to cry because she lost - hmmmm...It didn't take her long to recover and we played some other games. But, she did better with the loss yesterday and we just quickly moved onto another game, no problem...).
Yesterday, Brenna and Dustin put up the Christmas tree in the morning and then went out shopping in the afternoon. I should have started on some of my crafting, but instead took a nice relaxing bath and walked the dog (and vegged in front of the TV - I will watch just about anything on TV, not good for my ambitious craft fair projects!). Luckily my sister called and broke me out of my TV spell or the dog probably wouldn't have been walked.
Brenna played model for me today - I just loved the outfit that Dustin and her decided on today - it just made me smile :-)
Well, I think that is about it!
Take Care!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14

The girls enjoying the zoo on Monday. Brenna loved pulling Emma all around the zoo...I love her cute little curls below :-)

Brenna and my mom with the lion at the zoo
Hello All!!!

November here is flying by! I can't believe we are already half way through (and I can't believe what a bad blogger I have been lately - I mean really, my last post was on the 1st! -ack!).
My mom came up last week - what a great weather week to be in Ohio. We enjoyed going to the zoo with our good German friends on Monday :-) Both the girls got to feed the penguins and then we had a nice stroll through the zoo. On Tuesday, after Brenna got out of school we went to the park and played on the great playground there. Wednesday, Brenna had her normal dance class which she continues to love - the girls were a little more distracted in class as the teacher was a substitute (how can 3 and 4 year olds already know how to take advantage of a substitute??). Thursday, we had a Dove Chocolate party in the evening - I think Brenna would like to have one of these for all her little friends - I don't know where she gets her social butterfly personality - I wish some of it would rub off on me, lol. On Friday before my mom left, we made more soap - Brenna loves to pick out the colors, but got a little impatient that things were taking so long... Brenna loved having a guest for the week - she is ready for Divine Miss Gammy to come up anytime :-)

Yesterday, we went to visit Dustin's Grandma in the hospital. We really hope she is going to recover well from all of her recent operations. Brenna had lots of fun with Dustin's mom exploring the hospital - I think she could have stayed and played all over the hospital with Divine Miss Gammy :-)
Dustin was at last weeks Browns game - at least he got to enjoy their victory last week as they didn't pull out a win today :-(

I'm going to be busy the next couple weeks working on stuff to sell at a craft fair my mom signed up to do - lots of cute ideas in my head - hopefully they will get finished in time :-) I cut out some items today - I better have a busy week of sewing while Brenna is in school (the house work may have to suffer...)

Well, I know I am forgetting most of what has been going on, but that about covers it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1

o.k. - I know there is no smile on Brenna in this picture - but isn't it a great face for the background???

Brenna loving her Uncle Steven...
Adoring her Uncle Steven...
Brenna and Isabel before trick-or-treating in our neighborhood (the kids got a ton of candy...) (Brenna decided to wear the adorable dress that Dustin's parents bought for her - I wish she would have let me take a full length shot - the dress is so cute on her).
One of the piles of candy on the floor after trick or treating (this was Anthony's and he sorted out his favorite - the Nestle Crunch bars).
Brenna and I decided an afternoon at the zoo would be fun today. The animals were all enjoying the cooler weather. Brenna enjoyed feeding the penguins today (the winter activity at the zoo since the Carousel and the train are closed for the season - we were bummed about the Carousel - but Brenna loved feeding the penguins - even if her hands did smell fishy after, lol).
The snow leopard was right at the glass today - can you see how close Brenna was to him??

the tiger also was coming right up to the glass today...

Brenna loves climbing the wall after the jellyfish at the zoo. Don't you just love her outfit choice for the day? She had to go dressy since she is loving her new glitter shoes...
modeling her earrings that I found when I cleaned up my craft room this weekend. We almost have all the rooms unpacked now...
At least they did have one carousel animal that Brenna could sit on today....

She really wasn't in the mood to model our new chef hat today - I made a smaller size today (I made what the pattern called the kids small yesterday - it fits my head, not exactly right for my 4 year old... I think my resize is much better for kids)
Hello All!!!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween out there (and happy belated birthday to Brayden - hope you had a great day!).
Brenna had a chance to dress up several times for Halloween (so much that she was tired of the Tiana costume I made her :-(
She wore the purple dress (that I made her for the May visit to Disney) on Thursday to preschool (and or course she wanted me to wear my matching one - what great attire for cleaning the house in, lol). I had her wear the Tiana costume on Saturday for trick-or-treating at Dustin's parents. She wasn't quiet sure about trick-or-treating there, but had a fun time handing out the candy and then playing with the grandparents, Steven, Margee and Kingston. She really got into the trick-or-treating after going with Isabel and Shannon yesterday. Brenna said at the zoo today that she is ready to go again - too bad she will have to wait until next year now, lol.
Today, Brenna and I went to the zoo after we did some bathroom cleaning this morning. Brenna enjoyed feeding the penguins (the zoo lets you buy fish for the penguins since the Carousel and the train are closed for the winter). The platform got a little crowded with some school kids when we fed them, but Brenna enjoyed throwing the fish into the water. We came home and played in the backyard a little bit - Brenna loves her swingset. She loved that our friends Carsten and Emma came up yesterday and enjoyed the swingset (but wasn't especially fond of sharing her inside toys).
My craft room is almost all put away (hmm - I am thinking with my clutter tendencies that it my be at its best - maybe I should take a picture now of what it should look like, lol).
Well, that is it for today!
Take Care!