Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14

The girls enjoying the zoo on Monday. Brenna loved pulling Emma all around the zoo...I love her cute little curls below :-)

Brenna and my mom with the lion at the zoo
Hello All!!!

November here is flying by! I can't believe we are already half way through (and I can't believe what a bad blogger I have been lately - I mean really, my last post was on the 1st! -ack!).
My mom came up last week - what a great weather week to be in Ohio. We enjoyed going to the zoo with our good German friends on Monday :-) Both the girls got to feed the penguins and then we had a nice stroll through the zoo. On Tuesday, after Brenna got out of school we went to the park and played on the great playground there. Wednesday, Brenna had her normal dance class which she continues to love - the girls were a little more distracted in class as the teacher was a substitute (how can 3 and 4 year olds already know how to take advantage of a substitute??). Thursday, we had a Dove Chocolate party in the evening - I think Brenna would like to have one of these for all her little friends - I don't know where she gets her social butterfly personality - I wish some of it would rub off on me, lol. On Friday before my mom left, we made more soap - Brenna loves to pick out the colors, but got a little impatient that things were taking so long... Brenna loved having a guest for the week - she is ready for Divine Miss Gammy to come up anytime :-)

Yesterday, we went to visit Dustin's Grandma in the hospital. We really hope she is going to recover well from all of her recent operations. Brenna had lots of fun with Dustin's mom exploring the hospital - I think she could have stayed and played all over the hospital with Divine Miss Gammy :-)
Dustin was at last weeks Browns game - at least he got to enjoy their victory last week as they didn't pull out a win today :-(

I'm going to be busy the next couple weeks working on stuff to sell at a craft fair my mom signed up to do - lots of cute ideas in my head - hopefully they will get finished in time :-) I cut out some items today - I better have a busy week of sewing while Brenna is in school (the house work may have to suffer...)

Well, I know I am forgetting most of what has been going on, but that about covers it.


heathmamagam said...

Yay, papa said it is about time you got on the blog!! Thanks for the good times sharing your week with Gammy. It was great. And we were blessed with great weather, too!

A+C+E said...

So funny Emma and Brenna sitting next to each other- one with a shirt and the other one with a warm coat. :o)
Wie schaut es mit Freitag bei dir aus? Hat sich Joy nochmal gemeldet wegen des Playdates mit ihrer Schwester? Sollen wir sonst Stoytime machen? Meld dich einfach, wenn du Zeit und Lust hast. LG