Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brenna being silly (oldie - this said it was draft, so I had to finally publish)

Our little ham - she likes to look at what pictures she took on the camera now :-)

Post 10 - Thank you!

Thank you for coming to our blog today - I am finally caught up for the summer (on blogging anyway) :-) There are lots of pictures in the posts from today - I hope you enjoy them :-)

Post 9 - 1st Day of Kindergarten!!!

 The night before school, Brenna gave Dustin and I a small fashion show of her new school outfits.

 Brenna on the morning on Kindergarten.  She was so excited...

 It rained all morning.  She is growing out of her raincoat - but at least it still fit for the first day.
 Daddy and Brenna
Brenna (below) getting off the school bus - she was so excited - I think the first day was pretty successful :-)

Catch-up Post 8 - Akron Zoo

Our school delayed the Kindergarteners by a few days to do some assessments - Brenna was one of the first to have her review.  Since it was a morning, we were able to take advantage of that and go to the Akron Zoo and see the baby snow leopards (they are only out for about an hour right now).

 Brenna before her assessment - she was so disappointed to not get to ride the bus that day.  Below, Brenna and I at the zoo (she is the hand holding the pink camera). 
 One of the two baby snow leopards.  We got there towards the end of their time on display - I was worried with seeing the line that we wouldn't get to see them, but we got in line and luckily it moved pretty quickly.
 A trip to the zoo is never complete with out riding the Carousel.  She is so excited to be able to ride it all by herself now.

Catch-up Post 7 - Brenna turns 6!!

 We celebrated Brenna's birthday this year for the 1st time with friends and family at Romp n Stomp.  Brenna had a really great celebration and loved having a party with her friends.  According to her - the Funniest Day on Earth :-)
 Picture of the kids right before hitting the bouncy houses - they had 3 to choose from - I think all the kids had a fun time as well.

 Brenna's ice cream cake that we took to preschool on the Friday before her birthday (the one that wouldn't fit in the cooler...)

 Brenna and her new fashion designer Barbie from Mommy and Daddy.  I loved the bun, Brenna decided it already needed to go...
 Brenna's Barbie birthday cake that my talented mom made for her - so beautiful :-)
 We also included an ice cream cake for the family that came back to our house after the bouncy house celebration.  Brenna celebrated with too many sweets on her birthday and had a stomach ache that night - oops!

Catch-up Post 6 - Brenna's 1st Birthday celebration

 hmm - I think Brenna believes she is going on 16, not 6...  Below, Brenna and Uncle Steven at the go-carts after lunch. 
 Brenna's 1st ice cream cake this year (she had three - we were only going to do two, but the first one I ordered was too big for us to transport to Columbus - oops).

 Having fun driving with Uncle Steven :-)
We celebrated Brenna's birthday a week before with Dustin's family in Columbus.  Brenna enjoyed the meal before and then some time putt-putt golfing and riding the go-carts after.  It was a really nice weather day after all the hot weather we have had this summer.  Brenna did a much better job this year with the putt-putt golfing - she figured out how to hold the club and really worked to get it in the hole :-)  If Brenna gets a chance to go to this place in Columbus again soon, she would really like to do the indoor climbing area....

Catch-up Post 5 - County Fair Dance Performance

 Brenna and her dance partner at the County Fair performing I Like to Fuss (above).  Below - the company dance girls for the Dance House.  Brenna loves the older girls - can you tell since she got one of them to pick her up for the picture. 
 Below, the I like to Fuss face..
Dustin was able to make it for the performance and then they enjoyed an afternoon at the fair with several of the other girls from the Company dance group.  Brenna also had a chance to enjoy the fair with her preschool a few days before the performance - they got a chance to enjoy the animals (her feet were so dirty coming home after wearing flip flops :-)

Catch-up Post 4 - New flooring and misc

 Above - the new floor in Brenna's bathroom.  We had all of the old vinyl flooring replaced right after Brenna's dance recital.  The two bathrooms upstairs are now heated under the tile which is very nice in the morning.  Below - Brenna learned how to snap this summer - I am justing waiting for the Sassy Girl to get going...
 Flooring on the first floor - entry way and the kitchen

 Below, Brenna copied this from one of her Birthday cards and then took her own picture of it - so cute!!
 Frankie doing what Frankie normally does all day...